spiral waound NUTECH2000 is proud to be an affiliate of WATER4GAS. They have been around for a few years now and have consolidated and grown into a very professional and genuine organizatioin. Nutech2000 purchased the WATER4GAS MANUALS some years ago and they are by far the most comprehensive on the market today. There is no excuse not to be cutting your fuel bill by a reasonable amount. Over the years I have had customers reporting very substantial improvements in their 4WD’s.         Nutech2000 has specialized in fuel vapour technology and in collaboration we will pursue even better gains in fuel efficiency. Critics argue that such a little gas could not make any difference…..
well we have years of experience with JOE CELL technology and I can tell you that there is more going on in that JAR then just standard Electrolysis. The observations are very similar to the JOE CELL EFFECTS and may prove to be more reliable then the standard JOE CELL.  And even standard Hydroxy gas is a CATALYTIC REACTION which is often overlooked. Yes…lots more work to be done but WATER4GAS will get you going and SAVING and with our special training courses in HHO Technology you will also learn a hell of a lot. Hope you join us today. MANUALS AND KITS AVAILABLE AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. Click the image link to go to our affiliate site to begin your journey of discovery…



OUR quest for new Clean and Green Energy Systems for a Sustainable and Free World where all Humanity can live in Harmony and Free of Oppression, be it Military or Financial

. While we are building this site you may still visit Nutech2000.biz to order the Joe Cell books and videos and the Infopedia Blog site for interesting information on Free energy and much more.

Since the late 1970′s I have been dedicated to seeking information that is empowering and ‘FREEDOM ENHANCING’. If ever there was a need for such information it is now as it is obvious to all ( I hope) that we are all being screwed to the wall as ‘Corpratocracy’ interferes in our lives to a greater extent every day. Australia as the ‘Land of the Free’ is now well and truely history in many ways. The Carbon tax maybe the last straw in demolishing any Sovereinty we thought we may have had. However it is indeed a great incentive to usher in the new Carbonless Energy Systems that we have been seeking for so many years such as the Tesla Technology, Hydroxy Fuel Systems and a myriad of other manifestations of marvelous technologies.  If the System was even slightly serious about a CLEAN world they would have thrown money at these technologies long ago. Our own CSIRO could do so much if had not been sold out for joint ventures with Profit the only motivator. ( so it seems)

In the early 1980′s I accessed alot of information and compiled it very crudly in the PLANET EARTH SURVIAL CATELOG which can be seen on the shopping trolley for the first time in many years. In todays ‘information over-load’ society, some of this informnation may have been over looked so I am putting all my archives as pdf e-books on the shopping facility to make the items available at a bargan price. In time the ARCHIVE CATEGORY will be available to Registered Members to browse and down load all you like for one price and you will have a preset time period to do this.

The first e-books will be the High Mileage Fuel System Manuals and will also be our major research project as this is vital for HHO developmets as well. In fact there are alot of exciting breakthroughs happening right now. More announcements later. Please enjoy the information as  it has been part of our journey to where we are today.



I am also happy to support Ismael Aviso whom I had the priviledge to visit last May 2011. He has made remarkable progress and this is the Technology we all want so much. Please support his work in what ever way you can. You can view many of his presentations by using his name in the youtube search box.

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