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Free Energy Meeting will be Thursday 25th 6:45pm

Venue:  45 Snowdon Ave Carlingford

Please bring your “current project” for a “Show and Tell” talk for 5-10 minutes.  

You can bring DVD or web links to aid ‘Show and Tell’ discussion topic explanation Other interested parties are welcome-‘fringe-dweller’ friends and “like minded” associates

Bring nibbles-nuts, chippies etc Drink supplied- beer, wine ,coffee… 

John Chapman <>  PHONE:  0411967487


ASSOCIATION FOR CLIMATE TECHNOLOGY  SOLUTIONS Visit our web site and all are welcome to our meetings from time to time. See Meeting agenda . Please Register so that you will receive future meeting notices. We are also on face book so please join us there. We will post our photo libraries there as soon as possible.

ASTRO SA is a great group to be involved in. Please check them out here The first ASTRO group was set up in Sydney to develop a vehicle that could run on water. ASTROstands for Alternative Science & Technology Research Organization

Alittle bit of history: It was in the 80’s when I felt it was my mission in life to help bring Free Energy Technology to the public and help make it a reality. Sadly all the hopeful inventioins of the 80’s seem to have dissapeared or not quite made it to the public arena. Perhaps out ARCHIVES will give rebirth to some.  Being inspired I organised a meeting of hopefuls in Sydney and a few of us were brain storming on what to to. That was the birth of ASTRO which started in Sydney. ASTRO groups sprang up all over the country and for a time a great group existed at Byron Bay, BYRON ENERGY where some of the original Joe videos were taken. Without them, the Joe Phenomonen would probaly not have happened.

Nexus Magazine featured a list of ASTRO groups in the 80’s but only two survive today thanks to the dedication  of a few who believe in what they do. A special thank-you and recognition should go to Sergio and his beautiful wife Josephine who have kept Melbourne ASTRO going for many years. The Adelaide ASTRO is much more hands on and have done some great work as you can see on their web page.

ASTRO: ASSOCIATION FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH ORGANISATION -MELBOURNE.   A great meeting at the Balwyn Library on the second Monday of each month. A focus on the more esoteric sciences with an empahsis on all things health but a very good cross sections of topics.

Community Law Resource Group  CLRG holds an open public forum on the 2nd Monday of every month from February to December. The meetings are open to anyone interested in learning about the law and how to exercise your rights. HOWEVER THIS NO ORDINARY APPROACH TO LAW AS A LAWYER WOULD APPROACH A MATTER.

Discussion Topics

Relevance of the Australian Constitution and understanding how it applies to State and Federal legislation.

How to find remedy within the law when dealing with fines and infringement notices.

Understanding Court procedures and how you can defend your rights under the protection of the TRUE law and ASSERT THE TRUE LAW.

See also

Australia is probably the most over regulated Society on Earth and the PEOPLE  are slugged at every turn so that life for ordinary folk is becoming a daily struggle to make ends meet and many regulations are simply to raise revenue, often unfairly. Many of these regulations are in conflict with the real Law and our Constitution and it is vital to learn these things in order to fight FINANCIAL OPPRESSION which eventually leads to a POLICE STATE.


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