Dr Jensen – Tissue Cleansing through Bowel management

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The following photographs are taken from Tissue Cleaning Through Bowel Management, a 1981 treatise by nutritionist Dr. Bernard Jensen (b. 1908, d. 2001). Beginning his medical career as a chiropractic, Jensen became taken with Homeopathy and toured the world’s spas and sanitariums in search of folk remedies. He based his philosophy in the homeopath Constantine Hering’s Law of Cure — “All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared” — which led him to the corollary that all illness stemmed from dysfunctions of the bowel.

Jensen studied at the feet of scatologist Dr. John Harvey Kellogg at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, which became a model for Jensen’s own Hidden Valley Health Ranch, founded in 1955 outside Escondido, CA. Jensen’s cure, called The Ultimate Tissue Cleansing System, consisted of meals of all-organic purées and twice-daily colemas — a reclining power-enema which expelled any built-up mucus lining the colon. Jensen also gave wellness lectures and demonstrations of his expert bowel-cleansing techniques. In preface to these photographs, he writes:


On the following pages, you will witness the shocking effluence as it was gathered from the colema flushing. Who would guess that such things could accumulate inside the human body? Could this substance be the source of disease, illness, and poor health?

This accumulated material ranged from jelly-like to hard as truck tire rubber; clear to black as tar; fresh to morbidly old; fragments to 3- and 4-foot long ropes, and all with the odor that speaks of very rotten things.

Notice the mucus lining taking the shape of the bowel, complete with haustrations, striations, strictures, and diverticula. This is truly an amazing phenomenon. Please note that these specimens are not all from the same body, but represent flushings from several individuals.




Much of Jensen’s research is predicated on the quackery of iridology, the bogus theory that body’s disorders are reflected in the whorls and folds of the iris. Before diagnosing a patient, Jensen would take a detailed photograph of each eye, which was then enlarged and compared to his own charts. Jensen looked for dark spots in those quadrants of the iris which represented the bowel, predicting they would correspond to prolapse, diverticula or worse.

Trouble is, no such correspondence exists. In 1979 Jensen and two other iridologists were asked in a blind test to diagnose kidney disease from iris photographs. They performed terribly, picking out the diseased no better than if they had guessed at random. Over the years, many iridologists have submitted to similar tests, and all have failed. Yet despite such failures Jensen remained a proponent of iridology until the end of his life, even stating in Tissue Cleansing (published two years after his test) that other doctors were merely cynical, and that time would vindicate him.

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