I read Obama’s book and had the impression he was Christian as he worked in the charities there etc. I am told it was ghost written and not his own work so maybe not the truth but at the time I was impressed with his book. I still think he is a good man and really tried to make a difference but some how Wall Street got him and he just couldn’t pull this evil lot into line. We did hope for so much and in the early days there was talk he was going to release the secret files on technology and Free Energy would be released and all the UFO type technologies but the lid was soon to be put on all that.
In the defence of Islam we do owe a lot to true Islam and much of what he says is true. Today we have a perversion of Islam for political ends and this in no way represents the Islam of old. We need to deal with the evil pretending to be Islam and encourage the real Islam to be the dominant belief system and maybe we can get along if they can renounce that all non Muslims have to be killed. This must go, A local Muslim Clergy here in Melbourne says that our democracy must be destroyed and is teaching that to the young. These people must be dealt with as treason and not be allowed to teach their poison in the name of religious tolerance. If we allow this to happen it will ensure our demise.

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