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The quest for new Clean and Green Energy Systems for a Sustainable and Free World were all Humanity can live in Harmony and Free of Opression, be it Military or Financial

NUTECH 2000 – Is dedicated to FREEDOM and FREE THINKING people who want  to make the world a better place.

We commenced business in the early 80’s as EPM Power Systems which specialized in the Super Carburettor Manuals such as Ray Covey’s Super carb, the Empro 70 and several others which achieved up to 70 mpg now available in the ARCHIVES.

We all suspect the car companies have bought up many patents and sat on them which could have achieved the illusive 100mpg, in fact I am very impressed with Volks Wagon who have pretty much achieved that. We challege all car manufacturers to dig through their files and bring to the fore some real fuel saving technologies and focus their engineering in burning the fuel IN the engine, rather than after the event such as the catalytic converter and all the hotch potch bolted around the motor.

Over the years we have focued on the political intrigue, technology suppression and the hidden agenda’s and of course the big one being 911. I think the truth of that is now very widely known and well acepted that it was an inside job and hopefully one day our world’s political leaders will have the courage to speak the truth and order the appropriate investiagtions to call to account those responsible. The world will be a much better place as the so called War on Terror has actually back fired and destabilized the world to a far worse situation.  Comentators on the ground say the West is on the wrong course but we don’t seem to be listening.

During the late 80’s we were the first to publish a news letter dedicated to Free Energy called ‘Tuning In’  ( now in the ARCHIVES) and we had hoped that at least one free energy device could break into the market. Til now this has not happened but we have great hope for Ismael Aviso along with Tom Beardon,  John Bedini and many others.

It is well established that there is an abundance of Free Energy and this has been well demonstrated so long ago by people like NikolaTesla, Henry Moray, Viktor Schulberger, the Swiss ML group and many more. This publication commenced with a type writer and cut and paste. Later we entered the computer age. However personal circumstances did not allow the humble magazine to grow which had commenced in 1989 and finished in 1991. At that time we had high hopes for the Stanley Meyer Water Fuel Cell to come on stream but we still await a commercially viable Free Energy device.

Nutech 2000 commenced as Nutech Organics and opened shop in Bendigo in 1993 for twelve months.  Later the name changed to Nutech2000 as we entered the new Mellenium. In 1998 we started the Joe Phenomenon when we published the books on the Joe cell. Today we note that some of the Joe-Cell material on YouTube are having extraordinary hit rates being in the hundreds of thousands. To this day the Joe cell is shrouded in mystery and esoteric science. Stephen Jones did an incredible amount of research into the Joe Cell Phenomenon and published the most recent Joe Cell book called WATER FUEL SECRETS REVEALED. The book is now out of print but in the end his developments did not lead to a long lasting reliable cell. Its inherent nature is instability so we need to take a fresh look at the resonant systems based on Stan meyer and others.

Our politicians have taken us back to the dark age where science is based on dogma and untruth like the flat earth teachings of the church in regard to climate change and of course a carbon Tax will fix it all. We have really lost the plot but more than ever we need this technology to survive the political insanity we now suffer under.

Nutech2000 continues to strive for technology that will unhook us all from the system and ensure the Freedom all mankind has a Birthright to enjoy.

We welcome you to tell your story and share information to assist in this great cause on the Forum.

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