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I think your AVI below is a really good, very clear overview of the struggle taking place between Trump and the powers driving for a N-e-w W-o-r-l-d O-r-d-e-r, a battle largely unbeknown to the masses due to an unrelenting “smoke screen” of misinformation aided and abetted by the mainstream media (MSM). Here’s your link repeated from below:
The  B-e-i-r-u-t  explosion/bombing really does appear to be another false flag event designed to send strong messages on numerous levels of understanding and being. There are likely to be further significant destabilising events taking place leading up to the US Federal election with one major intention in mind: destroy Trump’s chances of re-election! Only time will tell how well Trump “weathers the storm”. It’s a winner takes all scenario i.e. either Trump wins setting back the N-W-O agenda by a decade or Trump loses which opens the door for all of us to be engulfed and impoverished under N-W-O control very very soon perhaps as early as next year 2021.
In addition to warning messages highlighted in the avi, Trump received another warning message earlier today when a rifle-toting “crazy (-man)” was gunned down within the vicinity of one of his presentations. It’s events like this that help explain Trump’s reason for recalling 10,000 troops from Germany and 2,500 troops from Afghanistan. Who knows what will happen next? If “their” real aspiration is  a-s-s-a-s-s-i-n-a-t-i-o-n,  then much sophistication will be apparent in future attempts. 
 Here’s a few links supporting your avi and possible causes for the explosion:
FALSE FLAG OPERATION: Beirut Targeted By Devastating Terrorist Attack—Who did it and Why?
There is one major action that will significantly undermine the N-W-O agenda: An imminent remedy for the current ‘planned-demic’ that is paralysing the world economy as we know it. Apart from clearly effective alternative medicine treatments that will never see the light of day anytime soon, there are at least three and possibly four very cheap, disruptive candidates available right now and used safely for decades by mainstream medicine to resolve numerous inflammatory conditions

  1. Budesonide (Pulmicort), a mild asthma medication recently publicised by Dr. Richard Bartlett – mentioned in more detail via links in your message below. He discovered Budesonide’s high effectiveness against CoVID-19;
  2. Dexamethasone, a medication for severe asthma and many other conditions such as severe allergies, some types of nausea and vomiting, arthritis, swelling of the brain and spinal cord and for breathing difficulties in newborn babies;
  3. Hydroxychloroquine – a malaria medication which has been absolutely pilloried through the MSM ever since the day Trump mentioned it. The doctor, Stella Immanuel, reporting 100% success with Hydroxychloroquine has been discredited i.e.  So, the truth is anyone’s guess until categorical, unbiased, double-blind tests are performed that simulate the same successful conditions reported by the doctor. Obfuscation and delay is just another means for keeping treatments out of the hands of the public. Here’s a link to the original controversial avi that attracted 14 million views: You be the judge on whether this group of doctors are believable or not. One only has to ask: Why would these doctors destroy their reputations and lively-hoods by making supposedly outlandish claims if the claims were not true? Sadly, doctors Gold and Immanuel have been fired from their jobs: “ER doctor FIRED (& coworkers THREATENED!?) for sharing COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine facts”: ……..and…..”This Is Sad & Unfortunate!!! U.S Doctor Sacked For Appearing On Video With Dr Stella Immanuel”:
  4. HOT OFF THE PRESS – PROFESSOR THOMAS BORODY, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA – “IVERMECTIN” 100% EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 WITHIN 6 TO 8 DAYS – VERY FEW SIDE AFFECTS. Testing and refinement of the treatment was performed on patients in the USA. Dr Borody is amazed with the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. His job entails repurposing safe drugs for application to and treatment of other medical conditions. He takes the medication himself as a preventative treatment for CoVID-19.  In his expert opinion, the outbreak in Victoria can be brought under control very quickly with his discovery which is ready and safe to use NOW.  He challenges government to take responsibility and start immediately.  In the following avi towards the end of the interview, Professor Thomas Borody also advises that vaccinations for Covid-19 are in allot of trouble! i.e. don’t bet on a safe and effective CoVID-19 vaccination anytime soon.  “Doctor claims Ivermectin triple therapy is ‘amazingly effective’ in treating COVID-19”:
    Doctor claims Ivermectin triple therapy is ‘amazingly effective’ in treating COVID-19Gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody says the Australian government should allow the clinical trials of a drug he says is “amazingly effective” in treating the deadly coronavirus COVID-19. Professor Borody says Ivermectin, used in conjunction with two other drugs, has so-far been extremely successful in treating the deadly pathogen …, you be the judge on whether this treatment should be rolled out immediately or not.

Both Budesonide and Dexamethasone belong to a class of drugs known as ‘corticosteroids’ which are used to treat a range of conditions related to inflammation. There are likely to be further corticosteroid drugs being suitable CoVID-19 remedies too. 
It’s worth noting both Budesonide and Dexamethasone are gaining traction and most importantly, being tested for efficacy right now. Ever heard medications such as these mentioned in the MSM as potential remedies? Yet we hear ad-nauseum about vaccinations being ready just around the corner! In reality, truly safe and effective vaccinations are unlikely to happen anytime soon and the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tedros, has finally admitted this too, in recent days, saying: 
“However, there’s no silver bullet at the moment — and there might never be.” 
Refer to Tedros’s statement in the following AVI:
Refer to Budesonide and Dexamethasone testing underway mentioned at the following links:
Budesonide – Queensland University of Technology (QUT Brisbane, Australia) and the University of Oxford (Oxford, UK): – PARI Nebulizer Used in New Study with Pulmotect’s Inhaled PUL-042 for COVID-19:

Dexamethasone – University of Oxford (Oxford, UK):

In addition to the following avi on Dr. Richard Bartlett’s finding on Budesonide (i.e. a link mentioned in your message below):
…’s another avi that expands on Barlett’s initial findings:

At last there is a shining light at the end of the CoVID-19 tunnel! REGARDS M…….