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Final Words on Masks and Lockdown – Part One

Presenting here a NEWS LETTER from Dr Sircus the Author of HYDROGEN MEDICINE the new way to heal the body using the power of Hydrogen. Dr Sircus offers a wide range of opinion and expertise on HEALTH and HEALING.



There is no objective scientific research to back the harsh reactions of international health officials to COVID-19. But like dump cows, we are being herded into the continuing drama of the pandemic. The lastest intentional scare: Warnings that the U.S. could be heading for a catastrophic health crisis have become urgent. Most pandemic models predict a surge starting in the fall and worsening into the winter that could rival or even surpass the worst days of the spring.

One well-regarded forecast sees a “most likely” scenario of more than 3,000 deaths a day in December and nearly 400,000 cumulative coronavirus-related deaths by the end of the year. So far, everything they said about deaths has been a gross exaggeration, but they enjoy scaring us with predictions that end up not having a thread of truth.

The COVID lockdown continues to take its toll on humanity, with children’s hospitals seeing alarming rises in suicide patients. This is tragic and heartbreaking, but politicians, the press, and a select group of health officials could care less about the human misery they are causing. Even more alarming, the proportion of American children who sometimes do not have enough to eat is now as much as 14 times higher than last year.

These are the real chances of dying if you are infected with COVID-19, according to new numbers from the Center for Disease Control.

1 out of 34,000 for ages 0 to 19;

1 out of 5,000 for ages 20 to 49;

1 out of 200 for ages 50 to 69; and

1 out of 20 for ages 70 and up.

Over the course of six months, the United States, as well as the entire world, has succeeded in bringing itself to its knees, economically, socially, and politically for no real medical reason at all. 



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Sept. 30 Update – A- S- S- A- N- G- E News

James Ricketson/John Shipton+BayFM+Mary Kostakidis+CN+


Bugging Devices transmitting to USA agents outside, plans to poison, plans to kidnap

 I hope you are well. In my opinion an act of espionage/spying was executed by UC Global specifically for USA government agencies in the Ecuadorian embassy where Julian Assange had been granted political asylum. Bugging devices were placed on Ecuadorian embassy windows to wirelessly broadcast to USA Intelligence agents outside the embassy. Broadcasting discussions that Julian Assange was having within the embassy as well as recording Ecuadorian Embassy staff activities. Within witness testimony it was disclosed that there had been discussions about poisoning Assange to make him leave the embassy to seek medical attention for poisoning to presumably serve him up for the extradition process  as well as planning leaving the embassy doors open to allow for his kidnapping via alleged criminal conspiracy. PLEASE GO TO THE NEWS LETTER AND READ THE WHOLE STORY AND SUBSCRIBE

SEP 30, 2020 — 

This is the latest News Letter from our esteemed Phillip Adams who is doing his best along with others to have Julian Assange freed from the Hell that he finds him self in for exposing the horrific War Crimes of the mighty USA and how have not addressed any of the war Crimes that they are responsible for. Our Government is useless in protesting Assange let alone anyone else over seas who are suffering injustices. We call upon our PM to assert all the influence he can muster to Bring Assange HOME where he belongs and indeed he should have HERO STATUS for exposing these Crimes of the USA. We should be calling for Justice for the millions who have lost their lives and their Countries based on a LIE. Good Luck with that!


NEWS FROM PHILLIP ADAMS – Hi All, I hope you are all well. I have a mix of updates. 

Consortium News YouTube Report Update Day 16:

“Former warden Maureen Baird: Assange would get “desolate and degrading” Special Administrative Measures”

Are wondering what more you can do? Why not do something easy. Easy Easy 3 Step Mailer automatically prepares and sends emails to parliamentarians and other important gatekeepers in this campaign. It really does all the work for you and sends emails from you to them. You even receive delivery confirmations from the emails of the parliamentarians. Easy 3  Step sent over 3,000 emails over the past few days from Signatories to parliamentarians and other gatekeepers. In total it has prepared and delivered over 50,000 emails from YOU to THEM. It is open for all people from all nations and tailors the letter/email to be specifically relevant as per your citizenship/nation of origin. Try it. It’s free and it helps tell those in power how you really feel. Tell them about this TRAVESTY.

Note the 3 Step Mailer is a smart system that sends complimentary emails to those politicians that are fighting like all of us to Free Julian Assange and Stop the USA Extradition. It sends a different email to those that are silent or against what we are demanding. In this campaign Silence is Complicity to the perversion of justice, torture and the destruction of our democracy.

Thankyou Matthew Bretherton for your ongoing support & thankyou to all of you for making this powerful petition what it is today.


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Its good to know that the court case challenging this impost is still going ahead. This Curfew until last Monday has been essentially holding us under house arrest for many weeks. It has now been lifted thankfully. It is the opinion that is was illegal and we hope for a decision confirming this very soon. That will mean all the FINES they dished out for breaking the curfew will have to be waived. Oh happy day for so many.

Much of what the government is doing these days will no doubt be proved to be illegal in due course. I hope all those copping these huge fines will take it to court. Even now there are still $5000 fines for, doing what us normal human behaviour and I wonder who can pay them any way. I couldn’t.

Reading an analysis of the restriction and all the conflicting rules makes the whole thing a mess. The whole thing about getting tested and then locking your self up is just counter to all good basic advice.

We need to change the mantra from GET TESTED – GO HOME AND ISOLATE and let the disease take hold -TO – GET TESTED…IF POSITIVE – GO HOME – GET THE APPROVED IMMUNE BOOSTER KIT OR WHAT EVER TREATMENT PROTOCOL IS ON OFFER AND GET BETTER QUICKLY! This protocol would have saved thousands of lives and most of the 700 in Victoria that have been damned to the next word due to the Quarantine stuff up. Many books will be written on this greatest stuff up in Australian History.

We will watch what happens with the court decision with great interest.

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See Serene Teffaha for indepth explanationsBRILLIANT

How the Victorian Government’s Emergency Restrictions on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) work

Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic)send the authors to Siberia and all the house members who voted for this crap!! shame! shame! shame! you are not Aussies!

Metropolitan Melbourne’s 14-day average for new coronavirus cases against reopening targets

Step one came info effect on September 13 .
Step two will come into effect on September 28 if the 14-day average for metropolitan Melbourne is between 30 and 50.
Step three will come into effect on October 26 if the 14-day average for the whole state drops below five and there have been fewer than five new mystery cases statewide over the same period.
The final step will come into effect on November 23 if the state records no new cases for a fortnight.

Hello Friends,  I am asking your help regarding a legislative or political matter now before the Victoria state parliament.  I understand that many of you are not interested in state politics or what happens in Spring Street, and I can well understand that.  However I regard this matter as potentially very, very serious, possibly with severe future implications for the personal rights and liberties of all of us living here in Victoria.  I wish to thank my friend Dr. Isaac Golden for drawing my attention to this matter. The bill or proposed legislation now before the state parliament is the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 ( ).  That bill passed the lower house of the Victoria Parliament on 18 September but is yet to be debated or voted on in the upper house.  From what I understand, the upper house or Legislative Council of the parliament will be discussing the matter and then voting on it starting on their next sitting day, which according to the website will be on 13 October. I was unaware until I started researching this, that a bill with a similar name, the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill 2020 ( ) passed both houses of the state parliament in April.  That bill was in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak crisis here.  I am sure that you are all aware of the Stage 3 (regional Victoria) and Stage 4 (Melbourne and suburbs) coronavirus lockdown or restrictions which were authorised under that bill.  And just to complete the picture, both the bill that became law in April as well as the current bill contain modifications or amendments to an earlier piece of legislation, the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 ).  Now I can state why I, and many others who have looked into this bill, consider the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 to be so sinister.  Let me present some recent articles in the media.  The first is an article from The Age: .  Here are some quotes from that article: 

New powers to detain people considered a high risk of negligently spreading COVID-19 are set to be debated in State Parliament this week.  The Victorian government could also enlist protective services officers and WorkSafe inspectors to enforce public health directions under the proposed law…….  People suspected by health authorities of being likely to spread the virus if they are COVID-positive or a close contact of an infected person could be forcibly detained if the bill is passed.

The rules, confirmed to The Age by a state government spokesman, could be applied to conspiracy theorists who refuse to self-isolate or severely drug-affected or mentally impaired people who do not have the capacity to quarantine.  Those caught under the new rules could be detained in places where they could be monitored, such as hotels.

The Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Bill proposes new powers the government says will strengthen the state’s pandemic response, including broadening the types of government employees who can act as authorised officers.  (In my understanding that means that doctors and health workers are to be given powers of arrest and detention that are normally reserved for police officers!).  The state of emergency and state of disaster…….. allow the officers to detain any person “for the period reasonably necessary to eliminate or reduce a serious risk to public health”.  The officers can also restrict movement, search premises without a warrant and give other directions that are deemed necessary to protect public health.

And here is an article from the Australian Associated Press that also discusses the new legislation:  A few quotes from that article:

Prominent legal figures want the Victorian government to change its controversial COVID-19 Omnibus bill, calling some of the provisions “unprecedented, excessive and open to abuse”…..  The 14 retired judges and QC’s have published an open letter, saying they are “deeply concerned” that the bill went through state parliament’s lower house last week……  The list of QCs putting their names to the letter include retired High Court judge Michael McHugh and former Federal Court judges Peter Heerey and Neil Young………  There are growing concerns about a section of the bill that gives more powers to authorised officers to detain people, as part of the state government’s coronavirus restrictions.

Friends, when a retired judge from the High Court of Australia and two former Federal Court judges, as well as other legal “heavyweights” speak out in public about the new bill, you know that it is a very serious matter indeed!

Finally an article from Russia Today.  It is very interesting that Russian-backed media – given the poor history of protection of human rights against government control in Russia – are now in a position to (correctly!) lecture us in the West on legislation that gives the government seemingly totalitarian powers!:

Friends, I hate to state this but in my opinion, Premier Daniel Andrews and the state ALP are now proposing this bill (already passed in the lower house, the Legislative Assembly as stated) to give themselves dictatorial powers, while pretending those powers are necessary to control the spread of the coronavirus!  As we all know, here in Victoria the daily numbers of persons who are diagnosed with the disease have declined rapidly and dramatically in the past week or two.  So given this successful trend – which Premier Andrews has pointed out as a successful outcome to the government’s strategy – why is he requesting such draconian powers in the new COVID-19 Omnibus Bill?  I supported Premier Andrews and the ALP during the last state election in November 2019 and was happy to see them returned to power.  However, now I strongly suspect that Andrews is pursuing a secret and possibly sinister agenda in asking the parliament to pass the new legislation.

So what to do now, how to stop this draconian legislation from passing in the upper house, the Legislative Council, in the Victoria state parliament?  The good news is that Andrews and the ALP do not have a majority in the upper house.  Thus for them to pass the bill, they will have to rely on independent and minor party MPs in the Legislative Council.  In late August three of those MPs – Fiona Patten from the Reason Party, Ellen Sandell from the Victorian Greens, and Andy Meddick from the Animal Justice Party – were critical in helping Premier Andrews pass legislation enabling him to extend the State of Emergency powers through which he was able to put in place the Stage 3 and 4 lockdowns.  Given the current setup in the state parliament, if enough persons from the general public put enough pressure on independent and minor party MPs – especially those three – then the bill can probably be defeated.  Or if not defeated, significant amendments to the legislation will be presented, which Premier Andrews and the ALP will have to honour, in order for the bill to pass.

To make this easier for those of you who are concerned about this matter, and who wish to take some action to prevent the draconian aspects of this bill from passage, I have prepared a simple message which if you feel motivated, you can send to some of the MPs in the upper house.  You are most welcome to rewrite this message as you feel appropriate, or even write a completely new message.  The bottom line is that when it comes to politics, the numbers matter and so if enough persons speak up and speak out, we have a good chance of stopping this legislation.  Here is the message:

Dear MPs in the Victoria Legislative Council,

I have recently learned about a piece of new or proposed legislation before the state parliament, theCOVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020 (  I am very concerned about some of the provisions of this bill, especially the section that would give government employees such as doctors and health workers the power to detain and even arrest persons who test positive for the COVID-19 disease, as well as close contacts of the infected individual.  Even more concerning is the section that gives the government or health workers the power torestrict movement of persons suspected of being infected with the virus, search premises without a warrant and give other directions that are deemed necessary to protect public health.  Normally such powers are only reserved for police officers who have received appropriate training.These proposed powers in the new legislation seem to me to be excessive.  Some persons would even argue that they threaten the basis of the personal democratic rights that we have known and taken for granted for decades and even over a century, not only in Victoria but in other states in Australia as well.  Recently a group of high-powered legal professionals – including a retired judge from the bench of the High Court of Australia and also two former Federal Court judges, as well as several QCs – have expressed their concern about the new legislation in a public letter.  The details of those concerns are contained in this article from the Australian Associated Press: .As we have seen during recent days and in the past week or so, the daily numbers of persons who have been diagnosed as being infected with the coronavirus have declined dramatically in Victoria.  On many occasions during the past week, Premier Andrews has pointed to those falling figures as proof that the Stage 3 (regional Victoria) and Stage 4 (Melbourne and suburbs) restrictions that were introduced over a month ago have been successful.  If the government’s strategy to contain the spread of the coronavirus in this state has been so successful in recent days, then why the push to give the government and especially health workers such excessive powers now?  All that makes little sense, I reckon.Because of my concerns, I am asking that you please seriously consider voting against passage of theCOVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other ActsAmendment Bill 2020 when the Upper House next sits, which according to the Legislative Council website is 13 October.  IF Premier Andrews and the ALP state government are really so concerned with the COVID-19 spread in this state, then surely they can find other ways and means to combat the virus, without passing legislation that impacts so dramatically upon the traditional personal rights and liberties of ordinary citizens and residents.    

Sincerely yours,

…………………….. (name)

……………………. (your choice as to whether to include city or town of residence or not)

Here is the list of e-mails of MPs that will be critical in either defeating the legislation, or forcing major changes to it.  The first four names on the list (highlighted in yellow) are the most important, so not critical to include all names unless you so wish: 

Regards,         Zachary C. Casper <>

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Sol Milhilin – police interrogation

Sol Milhilin is an expat South African and keyboard activist who was arrested on 28 August this year in Victoria, Australia for challenging the lock down. In his interrogation to the police released to me he speaks frankly about why the world should be concerned. #solmilhilin


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Fun facts..

You can Google this shit it’s easy to verify.
The company Scomo has bought 25 million rushed doses of an experimental mutated chimpanzees virus for all us Australians.
The company Astra Zeneca in recent years has paid over $1 billion USD in fines and out-of-court settlement.


In the last couple of years the US government found Zenica guilty of SUPPRESSING CLINICAL TRIAL DATA!! Which led to people being injured and also found them guilty of promoting a drug that wasn’t approved.

They were fined $520 million!!

And had to pay a further $620 million in settling 23,000 court cases for injuries and side effects.

Jesus Christ.

You want a rushed covid vaccine from this company with a history of fudging clinical trials and paying of injured families!!! Are you mental!!! HELL NO!!

ed:(This came to me in an email)

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​If only we all had this burning passion at what is going on now. …look what it is doing to us even though he is not Victorian…we are now barbaric and cruel society where we don’t let loved ones comfort the dying, what have we become? We have failed to look after and protect the elderly people we love and care for…..there is no people’s voice….I know you may pass this guy off as nuts but look at the stress here and the passion

​ I​ am sure we all​ have similar feelings of despair and hopelessness…none of the leaders have a plan but total destruction…even dear Pauline is silenced…the oppositions is dead…no voice anywhere and this guy is expressing how we all feel…then listen to him the next day…his listeners were concerned for him but he is voicing for his sister’s death but hear his story​.  

Does any one see all this air traffic going on..I do see planes going over…..gee the Chinese do have huge air strips in the desert if you remember the Palmer ads of the last election..indeed we have forgotten why our sons died so long ago..we do need to sack Dan and have a new strategy. We need a new direction urgently…They all lauded New Zealand but look now…this Lockdown strategy is not the way to go. See Covid Challenge
He says he snapped ​on his youtube ​and a lot of us are all feeling like that…Hope ​you listen even if you disagree….it is the hopelessness we all feel…​expressed so well regardless of the facts be it true or otherwise.​ ( sorry for bad language)  we need an eye on what is going on…
​C​alm chat the next day he explains his feelings… makes me cry for we feel the same…how do we change this path to destruction. ​The leaders of this once great country no longer represent us. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE…WAKE UP OR GO DOWN THE SEWER

Rita hit the nail on the head today..Indeed we have lost it and now a BARBARIC SOCIETY – Lord forgive us for we know not what we do!!!
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Dear PM. As a Christian and leader of this once great country why are you sending us all to Hell? You surely know damn well that this virus is easily snuffed out if hit early.

The advice of these so called health experts who probably have NOT seen a patient in years are so way out of touch is utter madness. To instruct to just go home and isolate is crap…Please use your preps level common sense…what in hell do you think will happen…the disease will incubate and develop of course!!!!!! if the immune can’t fight it off.

It is easy to kill off if hit early and by what authority can Dan ban Hydroxachloroquine…It is having great success with zinc and vit d. if hit early. ( In India and frontline doctors in usa and Africa – see videos on my web) What is going on Sir…Why are you betraying the people of Australia and Melbourne..

We are getting sick and ill from distress. DAN HAS TO GO.!!! Pls implement a new strategy.

IF ILL, GET TESTED, GET TREATED WITH IMMUNE BOOSTER KIT. We know Colloidal silver works. we did it in the Philippines…See details on COVID CHALLENGE!!!

Take advice from real people..Dan has us all in fear and we now know what it is like to live in NorthKoreaVic…It is frightening…Take him off us…Please we beg you.DEMOCRACY IS DEAD HERE IN AUSTRALIA!!! ..many will die from stress and the young generations are being totally stuffed…Why are you all so brain washed??…Treat the damn thing…even now Christian groups are talking about training in martyrdom as they see the BEAST coming…why are you are playing into the hands of the BEAST.?? a Christian you should not be doing this…Please PM wake up…PROPHECY OR NOT, THE PRESENT SITUATION IS UNACCEPTABLE. Please wake up..there will be NO BOUNCE BACK THAT IS FOR SURE!!!! Ian

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I posted this bit on face book and it was knocked out..The truth is that Covid 19 is 78% same as SARS 2 according to Dr Simone Gold. So it figures that hrdroxachloroquine will be effective. Worth a try at least and indeed many Doctors report good results.. Only time will tell I guess…She says that 100,000 people in the USA would still be alive if it had been used…amazing claim indeed. This news item is totally suppressed on fb and I cant even up load a pic of the news item…strange….