DEATHS: The average age of deaths is 75 and today July 17 it is still the very old who are passing way. More than likely with highly compromised immune systems. Remember we sent our youth off to war and accepted loosing 10,000 of our sons slaughtered in just one day in France let alone Gallipoli. If I get to be 85 and in dementia I would be happy to be let go. Even old people with good immune systems will survive as proven in the UK when a 100 yo got the virus. But the old dears in nursing homes loaded up with medications will have severely impaired immune systems and very vulnerable so I would be suggesting as a matter of (un) common sense , that we should focus on IMMUNE BOOSTING supplements. Moving such old and frail folk around must be causing enormous distress and not seeing loved ones is just too much for many I am sure especially when in the process of dying. We are becoming so INHUMAN…The purpose of this paper is to put the case for TREATING POSITIVE CASES IMMEDIATELY and thus preventing the virus from developing and doing damage. They say over and over there is no cure and that is correct if we are talking about a PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG. Here I want to put the case that that we should look at possible ALTERNATIVES or BETTER WAYS TO DEAL WITH THIS TOTAL DISASTER. Our Lock-down strategy is doing far more harm than the virus.

Medical stuff upsRoad AccidentsAUDeaths from InfluenzaHeart DiseaseCancerRespiratory DiseasesCovid 19 TotalTotal Deaths for Australia
The Medical Journal of Australia in November 1995.Aust Gov for 20182018 published Sept 2019 Mmedian age 89.3 similar to Covid 19ABS 2018 Median age 84.7ABS 2018Median age 80.9 Unless treated early these patients would not have a chance
To July 9 2020 Putting into perspective why are we killing the country for this?Registered deaths 2018 Yes people do pass away.

THIS TABLE shows that the death rate is not out of control and the massive fear in the community could be argued to to be ill founded. But the economic stress is far worse and will hit hard come September. Can it be avoided? The COVOID CHALLENGE may be a way forward to get our lives back.

WHY ARE PEOPLE DYING – A lot more research needs to be done to find out the exact circumstances of those who are passing away. From my observations it would appear to be SIMPLY A LACK OF EARLY TREATMENT AND THE WRONG TREATMENT. Time will tell. It seems very clear to me that the Doctors are not supporting the immune systems of the Covid19 patients. (or any patient for that matter) By not issuing simple things like Vit c and other boosters mentioned in this paper it is putting patients at even more serious risk…(just my opinion) HOW DOES IT KILL?

COMPARE CASE RATE TO DEATH RATE – In relation to his proposition that there are likely to be thousands of deaths, I have attached two recent graphs dated July 7 showing increases in cases found in Australia and the World comparing the relative deaths for that day. The table below gives the figures for 14 countries to put things into perspective. See You can subscribe to ‘COVID DAILY CASE TO DEATH RATIO’ charts for daily updates.

The point is that despite the more cases being discovered through massive testing programs each day, the deaths are not following the curve.

The death curve is indeed very flat so perhaps we need to re think our strategy in how we deal with this Pandemic. Some practitioners are now coming out and declaring that this Covid 19 virus is now loosing its punch and is becoming much weaker in its effects. Time will tell.

StatsAustraliaCanadaUSABrazilIndiaItalyThe World
StatsJapanSingaporeIndonesiaRussiaChinaDenmark Korea

Sweden has 475 cases and 18 deaths – July10 and Philippines 1395 cases and Just 4 deaths which is a vast improvement and considering they have 110 million that is pretty impressive keeping in mind that the average age in the Philippines is a mere 25. Their President is keeping them locked down and friends there are telling me they will die of starvation before the Virus ever gets to them. Could that happen here?

Brazil of course is a terrible situation as there are so many poor folk and it is pure devastation. Here is a description from a web site: “The four main hospitals in Manaus were all full and the hard-working medical teams were dealing with extremely sick patients, often arriving too late and too far gone to be saved,” says Dr Bart Janssens, MSF Emergency Coordinator who launched our response. “A high percentage of the patients going into intensive care units were dying; and large numbers of medical staff were falling sick.” NOTE THE PHRASE:  “ too late and too far gone to be saved”This I believe is a crunch line which can apply to the world over as it is becoming clear to me as I ask questions around the traps about the actual treatment that the medical services are offering. Put simply the patients are not getting appropriate treatment in time. The more I hear Doctors interviewed the more this is confirmed.

Very early in this pandemic we heard about the need for Ventilators. One Doctor I heard described these devices as a LAST RESORT and he explained that in medical practice there are four levels of treatment in helping people to breathe before ventilators are considered and they are not suitable for everyone.

THERE ARE OPTIONS: A few years ago my lady in the Philippines had failing kidneys, yellow in the eyes, massive ulcers around the enlarged liver. They removed stones, had her on 3 or 4 drips. She was not recovering after 10 days and burning $17,000. I had to say “no more” and with the Doctors consent I gave her a HULDA CLARKE LIVER CLEANSE and removed huge chunks of fatty stuff from her liver. Were the Doctors impressed or even interested? No of course not but it saved her life. No question about that so I speak with confidence and authority that Doctors do not know everything and we have to choose our appropriate treatment according to our knowledge and what REALLY WORKS. That is what really matters at the end of the day.

IN THE NEWS July 13 – There was a NSW out break and it was stated that if there is another Lock-Down: “IT WILL DESTROY US” It is NOW KILLING US HERE IN VICTORIA…


ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS SHUNNED BY ESTABLISHMENT MEDICINE: We know that Doctors have very little training in Nutrition and HOLISTIC MEDICINE. Western Medicine is DRUG orientated and yes, they have their place and modern medicine can do miraculous things when it comes to patching up injuries. However when it comes to METABOLIC DISEASES and VIRUSES it is abysmal failure in many cases. That’s because it is ‘NUTRITION’ related and they have very little training in that. Thus the reason why so many turn to COMPLEMENTARY HOLISTIC MEDICINE‘!

VACCINE – We hear every day the talk about the mythical vaccine which some say will never come and if it does, will it do more harm than good? Even this very day they are saying it may be two years away. Vaccines need thorough testing before we can have confidence in their safety, and even then how effective will it be? Will we need it every year in the future like the Flu? Even the Flu vaccine is only 40% effective. I recently heard about a Nasal Vaccine being developed and as this virus likes to settle in the upper nasal system it makes good sense. However other treatments like COLLOIDAL SILVER can be used as a nasal spray and may be safer. Some may prefer a vaccine but I know a good portion of Australians will refuse it. However there is promising news from India

VACCINE NEWS FROM INDIA Moderna Inc, which is one of the frontrunners in the global hunt for a vaccine development surpassed a crucial stage of the clinical trials. The pharmaceutical giant, which is set to conduct stage-3 trials of its novel mRNA-1273 vaccine in July has said that preliminary studies suggest that one dose of the vaccine may be able to nip the infection and may not pose any serious health adversaries. A series of studies conducted on mice found that the vaccine may effectively work garner protection against COVID-19. Scientists see this as the biggest hurdle in the process of creating any vaccine to target any viral strain. The company has also submitted the paper for review to a top-tier medical journal.The vaccine, which is currently in its second phase of testing is likely to proceed ahead with the third phase of clinical trials, where it plans to involve about 30,000 participants between the ages of 18-55 and those who are at high risk for COVID-19. If all goes well, the company has promised to produce over 100 million doses of its innovative vaccine before the year ends.”.(end)

The Corona kit consists of three medicines – Coronil, Swasari and Anu Tel. Coronil is made of the extracts of pure Giloy, Tulsi and Ashwagandha. Shwasari works on strengthening the respiratory system and cures the obvious symptoms of corona including cough, cold and fever, while Anu Tel is a nasal drop that helps build immunity, the firm said. The kit is priced at ₹545 for 30 days, can be ordered online through a mobile app (end)

DEBT TSUNAMI COMING IN SEPTEMBER: I might mention here that the banks have not waived anything when it comes to debt payments. All they have done is add the interest not paid over these few months and added it to the principle so after September the debt owing has increased and interest with it…thanks Banks… The dominoes will crash! Even lobbying for a referendum to stop Lock-downs might have to be campaigned for as we are now facing a tsunami of financial collapses. More lock-down will wipe us out. ( hear BACKGROUND BRIEFING -Radio national July 12 2020)

The many deaths around the world can be explained as so many come from poor and impoverished areas like the situation in Brazil and the poorer communites in NewYork with too much junk food are good examples.

GIVE THE THE ALTERNATIVES A FAIR GO: We all know that Big Pharma have a lot of influence and it is unlikely any Government will give Complementary Medicine a fair trial but somehow we need to develop a strategy to prove what treatments are useful so that future Lock-downs can be avoided WITHOUT FEAR.

IS THE COVID 19 A WEAK VIRUS? – It is becoming very obvious that we need to live with this Virus. Really, I agree it is a weak virus and even soapy water upsets it. The main point is that many positive cases show no symptoms or only have mild symptoms. Why is that? Is it because many immune systems are up to that task? It is said to take a week to manifest before it really attacks the ACE2 sacks in the lungs. It does take time to develop to the deadly phase unlike the 1918 Pandemic where you can wake up fresh in the morning and be singing with the Angels in the evening. It was fast and furious. WHAT IS THE HOSPITAL TREATMENT? – We need to know more about this – Recently I was at the Post Office and a Doctor from our Austin Hospital rushed in. I asked him what he is doing to treat his Covid patients and he said keeping up the Fluids and a respirator….well if that’s the best they can do, I fear for the patients. Maybe we need to be more proactive in looking after our health. Treat early and IMPROVE OUR CHANCES OF SURVIVAL.

BUT PEOPLE DO DIE!…By the way our Health Experts are talking it would seem that it is OK to cripple the country and destroy the future of our younger generations because death must be avoided at all cost?. Is this acceptable to us as AUSTRALIANS? The Government needs to understand that the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is the final say but we need to be fully informed to make the best decisions for all of us. So far they IGNORE Natural Treatments or any ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT and there are heavy fines if any claims of a cure is made as with the MMS company. It is time some brave folk stood up and insisted that trials in these types of promising alternatives were given a fair chance to prove their effectiveness.

WE, THE LITTLE PEOPLE ARE HELPLESS TO DO ANYTHING SO I AM SENDING THIS AROUND IN THE HOPE SOMEONE SOME WHERE WITH THE ABILITY AND RESOURCES MIGHT BE INSPIRED TO GIVE THIS IDEA LEGS OR WE CAN JUST ALL SINK INTO A FAILING STATE. That is our choice as it would appear at this time despite the PM wanting us to thrive but How can we? Our border towns are going into dis array as I type this July 20. TIME FOR A NATIONAL STRATEGY!!!

LET’S GIVE IT A GO because this time ‘SHE WONT BE RIGHT MATE’ The Emperor is living a lie….we do have treatment options…let’s use them and save our country, save our businesses, save our airlines, save our theatre and cultural community, save our youth and their futures. Save the old folks before it is too late if it isn’t already. ‘SCREW IT – LETS DO IT’ (Branson quote)

All support documents referred to in this paper are on REFERENCE PAGE

Disclaimer -I am not a Doctor but have had a life time interest in good health options and the opinions expressed here is just plain old common sense which SEEMS TO BE A BIT RARE THESE DAYS. I do not hear much common sense lately especially from all the Professors and experts I listen to every day. NEVER does any one suggest how best to treat this virus. They just spread FEAR and continue the MANTRA THERE IS NO CURE… As we know it can be dangerous to express opinions in this country and here I am expressing my opinion and happy to be corrected if I am in error as to any facts. I am not saying COLLOIDAL SILVER is a cure for Covad19 but past experience and published papers indicate it has great possibilities and should be trialed. I do not have the resources to do trials nor the qualifications. I simply encourage those who do have the qualifications in all fields of healing, AYURVEDA, CHINESE HERBAL,COMPLEMENTARY, NATUROPATHIC etc to be free to offer their treatment options and opinions without fear or massive fines or being arrested.. All these have excellent immune boosting remedies. Let’s give them a voice so that all claims of possible TREATMENTS can be put to the TEST and offered as an option to patients . We need CHOICE. It would be a terrible injustice if people are getting sick and dying unnecessarily.

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