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Recently I ordered the full set of ten DVD’s from WATER4GAS which cover the whole HYDROXY TECHNOLOGY in great detail. Probably the best information package available for those who want to learn the craft. One very important point to understand is that by hooking up a cell to your car will not guarantee a good result, in fact you may get a negative result . It is the ‘SYSTEM’ approach which is the concept we must understand and when the ‘SYSTEM’ is understood and how the componantes all work together around the engine, we can finally achieve an excellent result. An excellent result is around the 50% improvement if fuel efficiency.

It was interesting to see the patent that inspired WATER4GAS and was a crude device by a gentleman by the name of Charles H Frazer going way back to 1918, almost to the time of the Titanic. Patent 1,262,034.   So we carry the batton forward in our quest for more efficient fuel economy.

frazer electrolyzer 1918


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