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Dear PM. As a Christian and leader of this once great country why are you sending us all to Hell? You surely know damn well that this virus is easily snuffed out if hit early.

The advice of these so called health experts who probably have NOT seen a patient in years are so way out of touch is utter madness. To instruct to just go home and isolate is crap…Please use your preps level common sense…what in hell do you think will happen…the disease will incubate and develop of course!!!!!! if the immune can’t fight it off.

It is easy to kill off if hit early and by what authority can Dan ban Hydroxachloroquine…It is having great success with zinc and vit d. if hit early. ( In India and frontline doctors in usa and Africa – see videos on my web) What is going on Sir…Why are you betraying the people of Australia and Melbourne..

We are getting sick and ill from distress. DAN HAS TO GO.!!! Pls implement a new strategy.

IF ILL, GET TESTED, GET TREATED WITH IMMUNE BOOSTER KIT. We know Colloidal silver works. we did it in the Philippines…See details on COVID CHALLENGE!!!

Take advice from real people..Dan has us all in fear and we now know what it is like to live in NorthKoreaVic…It is frightening…Take him off us…Please we beg you.DEMOCRACY IS DEAD HERE IN AUSTRALIA!!! ..many will die from stress and the young generations are being totally stuffed…Why are you all so brain washed??…Treat the damn thing…even now Christian groups are talking about training in martyrdom as they see the BEAST coming…why are you are playing into the hands of the BEAST.?? a Christian you should not be doing this…Please PM wake up…PROPHECY OR NOT, THE PRESENT SITUATION IS UNACCEPTABLE. Please wake up..there will be NO BOUNCE BACK THAT IS FOR SURE!!!! Ian