FREE DOWNLOAD- The WATER TABLE is important as your guide with available waters and the time needed to achieve the ppm of your Colloid. When you purchase your Colloidal Silver Generator with UV enhancement, please down load this package which may be added to from time to time. It includes a CALCULATION guide so that you can calculate the parts per million that you require. For your convenience there is a WATER TABLE where most of the available Mineral waters available from COLES, ALDY and WOOLWORTHS have been tested and the calculations have been done so that all you need do is multiply the time factor to change the ppm generated. However this is a guide as an ideal mathematical calculation may be different to reality, but is is a good guide.

Also included is an article by Mark Metcalf and a re-typed version as the original copy is a bit scratchy. There is also two other articles from various journals. We may include others in due course which we hope you will find helpful in understanding Colloidal Silver and what it can do and how to use it. There is also 11 Peer reviewed Papers on this website with LINKS to access the full papers. Indeed SILVER NANO-PARTICLES have so much to contribute to the HEALTH OF THE WORLD in fighting DISEASES OF ALL TYPES.


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