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HYDROGEN FRACTURING PROCESS – Stan Meyer – In the 1980’s Stan got us all very excited when we saw his video demonstrating his famous dune buggy claiming to be running on nothing but tap water being broken down into Hydrogen and Oxygen. Stan was a good public Relations man and we suspect his brother was the more technical partner who I understand is still researching this technology. As most folk know Stan met an early death at a restaurant where he was possibly poisoned but others say it was an aneurysm but we don’t want to ruin a good story. This book gives the over view of the technology but not enough to build it. Of course many over the years have tried to build his resonant cell looking for the magic resonant frequency but generally with little success as far as we know to date. It would seem difficult to maintain a cell in resonance as there are so many variables in the cell at any given time. we believe there are still a few mysteries to explore with this technology and Aaron of the free energy group in the USA may be on to it by investigating the Nitrogen aspect. This he believes was Stan’s secret and did not talk much about ti but it is in the early patents and is referred to in a subtle way. Read on for the links. Indeed there is MYSTERY!!


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There is a very detailed article worth reading on the A. P. ELECTRONIC MEDIA web site. Please visit as there is a gold min of information to discover. Quote:

“When you dilute the water gas with nitrogen, the ignited hydrogen will bind to nitrogen and create NH3 (ammonia) and that prevents the formation of the water molecule. It also allows the hydrogen to burn slower so that it is more like a slower gasoline combustion instead of a fast hydrogen detonation. Where did Meyer get the idea about controlling the hydrogen burn rate? We’ll get to that later because it is very important – speculation, but when you see it, it may appear overly obvious.”

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