THE HYDROGEN BRIEF – by: Barry Hilton

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DOWNLOAD – By Barry Hilton – 1996 – 44 pages – A compilation of several Hydrogen projects and the methods of making Hydroxy Gas from water. Includes plans for an early supplementary Water Fuel System. A detailed review of the Hydrogen mechanisms. This is essential reading for those looking to develop a base understanding of how hydrolysis works and the methods that can be used to extract Hydrogen and Oxygen from water.

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Also analysis of the Stanley Meyer High Voltage Resonant System, the Meyer Injector System,the Dan Danforth fly-back pulse cell, Elevating the Gas to a Higher Energy State, The Meyer Resonant CHOKE analysed. Also included a full patent for producing ‘Ortho’ and ‘Para-Hydrogen’. The patent gives an excellent description of the characteristics of these forms of gases.