AUSTRALIA 2000 – WHAT WILL WE TELL OUR CHILDREN – by Jeremy Lee – Many years have passed by since Jeremy wrote this book and sad he is no longer with us but i am sure his heart would be broken to see the mess Australia is now in with the closure of our manufacturing capability and to see us as almost a ‘NOTHING’ country relying on the rising Real-estate prices as the Engine Room of our economy as described by our treasurer. If that is the best he can do we are doomed. We see the scamming of the foreign students and wrecking of our education system. What has gone wrong with us? Why are we so incapable now to even organise our selves be it BREXIT in Britain or the USA relying on the war machine as we see even TODAY itching for a war with IRAN ( today being June 14 2019) in the News we see oil tankers blown up and blamed on Iran…Who can believe that? But now they have the usual excuse to march to war…Where ever you look we seem doomed and perhaps this book will give further insights as to why? .

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