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This article from the AUSTRALIAN August 16, summed up the situation beautifully. Well done Steve Waterson. There is INTELLIGENCE on Planet Earth after all but getting very hard to find these days.

On the ABC this morning Fran Kelly interviewed a lady near the SA border and she has a three year old with cancer and needs to go the the Adelaide Hospital for regular treatment. 300 km one way. 600 km to Melbourne but we are in lock-down. She cant cross the border and there is no virus in the area any way and the Adelaide wankers don’t want to see her just because she is from Victoria. Each day we are getting closer to a BARBARIC SOCIETY. LORD OF THE FLIES SYNDROME for sure. Is there hope for us? mmmm We must call on the PM to over ride these little STATE DICTATORS AND RESTORE ORDER. We are destroying our selves and please note this:

EVEN IF WE HAD 1000 CASES A DAY IT WOULD TAKE 18 YEARS TO TAKE US ALL WITH THE VIRUS…and reports indicate that most cases have no symptoms any way so it is a misleading statistic. We need to know HOW MANY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING SICK..AND HOW MANY NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR?..Most are over 80 that pass from this world and it would be interesting to know the chronic conditions of these dear folk. Just about any sickness would send them to the next world as it is TIME any way. The authorities have failed to protect them and we the general population are paying a very dear price indeed for their failure.

IT IS TIME COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE WAS ON AN EQUAL FOOTING TO DRUG MEDICINE. Both have a place,,,However they are trying to ban any likely treatment from NATURAL MEDICINE. see the HEALTH PARTY– They have it right!!!