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Our Leaders need to understand that WE THE PEOPLE are the BOSS and it is their job to carry out our WILL.

Maybe we will have had enough like some overseas countries ( Europe) and perhaps it would be good if THOSE WHO WANT TO STAY LOCKED UP CAN DO SO and THOSE WHO WANT TO GET ON WITH LIFE WE DO SO. Now that we know there are good IMMUNE BOOSTING TREATMENTS we can use on this damn COVID thing, we can TREAT EARLY and keep out of Hospital and hopefully avoid being terminated.

Of course the system doesn’t want to know about NON PHARMA OPTIONS. We can (AT LEAST TRY) use them and keep our selves SAFE. They admit tonight July 22 2020, that Community Transfer is out of control in Melbourne and not traceable, so lets focus on those who feel unwell to go get tested and inform them how best to treat them selves with a good IMMUNE BOOSTING PROGRAM developed by a TEAM OF NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS and HERBAL SPECIALISTS and of course COLLOIDAL SILVER which needs immediate Trialing as it seems to fit the bill for being the most effective according to Published Literature. Of course that is TOO SIMPLE and TOO CHEAP and not sexy, but COLLOIDAL SILVER has a long proven track record and worth a try at least.

Sooner or later people may feel they have had enough and maybe they will organize an outing to make our REPRESENTITIVES carry OUT OUR WILL OF THE PEOPLE AS THEY ARE ELECTED TO DO AND MAYBE THEY WILL MARCH A MILLION ONTO PARLIAMENT HOUSE TO AIR THEIR VOICE AND LET THEM KNOW IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS WE WANT A NEW STRATEGY WITH NO LOCK DOWN AS WE ARE ALL GOING TO HELL ON THIS ROAD OF NON RECOVERY AND WILL SOON BE UN-RECOVERABLE!! ( Parliament represents the interests of the people and ensures those interests are taken into account by government. Government is unable to pass laws or raise taxes without the agreement of the ParliamentParliament comprises the members of parties that the community has elected to represent them.) (...are they doing our will now by locking us up – did they ask our permission?)

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR THIS TO BREAK OUT??? So sad to see all our NATIONAL TRUST ICONIC ATTRACTIONS are becoming, or are INSOLVENT and there is talk they may have to be sold off which is a NATIONAL tragedy! Just the tip of the SOCIAL CAPITAL collapse!

MMM MAYBE SELL PARLIAMENT HOUSE SINCE THEY DON’T WANT TO USE IT ANY MORE…HA HAyes indeed when we have Freedom granted to us again I am sure we will be marching again. We have a lot to sort out!! ( we are all prisoners now in Victoria as at Sept 4 – 2020) The laughing stock of the world