These tests and calculations are to assist you in determining the concentration you may require. A normal dose is around 10 ppm. However for serious illness or gargling you may require up to 30ppm. Please seek advice for what is appropriate for your purpose. For greater concentrations simply multiply the time factor. Please contact me if you have water suggestions that are not on this table so that it can be evaluated and added to the table.

For example using S.PELLEGRINO 20 minutes is 16.8PPM x 2 = 33.6 ppm would be 20×2= 40 minutes

CHANGE IN YOUR JAR USED ? You will see on your calculation sheet how to work out ppm (parts per million) by dividing the Mass of Silver by the volume. You will see two columns as the jar supplied for the UK and USA is slightly bigger being 0.925 Litre where as the Australian Coffee Jar used is 0.75 Litre. Thus the variation in ppm calculations for the two sizes of jars. refer to the calculation sheet bottom left. When you have calculated the silver in mg you then divide it by the volume of your container.

The one used it 0.75 litre. Therefore ppm is mg as calculated mg /Litre (0.75) litre = xx ppm