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A most interesting doco – certainly worth a look

Comment of endorsementYedMan011 month ago – I must say, that no video I have ever seen in my entire life (whether pleasant or not) was more significant or more powerful to me than this particular video, because I had believed and thought of the exact same facts that were revealed by this video!!!!!! Before I watched the video or it aired!!!!!! I have been very critical for many years and silent about these deadly viruses or diseases. I am so pleased that my beliefs are verified thank you very much, and I can’t wait until it’s worldwide main stream knowledge!!!!!!!

How are democracies and authoritarian states reacting to the coronavirus pandemic? An investigative team is looking for clues worldwide and interviewing virologists, health experts and citizens. Where is the fight against COVID-19 working and where isn’t it?

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Peru had one of the earliest (March 16th) and longest (four months) lockdowns. But it has the highest daily deaths per capita in the world now. Lockdowns don’t work. How many additional refutations do we need for people to stop suggesting the use of lockdowns?

VERY IMPORTANT RESEARCH — If you want to know what is truly happening in Victoria then I encourage you to read this investigation conducted by Dr Russell McGregor.

Why Victoria?

This thread answers questions that many Victorians and people across the world have been asking, but disclosure so far has not been forthcoming.

Have we outsourced verification and creation of the VICTORIA COVID-19 outbreak to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ?

The Victorian “second-wave” is being used by the American MSM to demand urgent mail-in voting for the Nov 2020 election. The purpose is to build a “winter surge” narrative whereby voting in America is “unsafe”.

Mail-in votes will be fraudulent and allows for the defeat of Trump.

However many Australians do not understand there are gaps in the testing processes that could confer full control or formulation of the outbreak to the CCP.

Disclosure – I am a Deregistered Doctor.

I believe that external manipulation is extremely remote but practically possible.

As background we know the Victorian Premier (equivalent to a State Governor in the US), Dan Andrews, is a pure Deep State criminal.

There have been many instances of Labor Party Politicians in Australia being integrated with Chinese money and the CCP.

Dan Andrews is the head of the Labor Party in Victoria.

Very important to note is that we have had mass importation of Chinese testing kits selectively into Victoria.

These testing kits use RT-PCR technology.

(Reverse Transcriptase – Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing kits.

Who makes these kits?

The kits are made by the: Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)

I will say this again.

Essentially ONLY Victoria has imported these Chinese kits.

The other states rejected BGI and said they had capacity to ramp up production of Aussie kits.

The BGI kits were sourced by MINDEROO, an Australian company, with a long history of deals with China.

The Health Minister made a unilateral decision to get these kits DESPITE objection by the relevant body, PTA (Pathology Technology Australia).

PTA filed an audit saying there was “more than enough technology in the field”.

No tenders were made and the decision was to EXCLUDE Australian companies.

No transparent reasons were given.

Capacity to ramp up production existed.

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) made a special legal exemption to grant BGI fast-track access to the Australian market.

The TGA is equivalent to the American FDA.

So MINDEROO procured 10 million test kits from BGI in April !

How on earth did they know Victoria wouldn’t need them ?

Only 500,000 were required by May in all of Australia.

The cost for 10 million was A$189 ($US136) million.

There were also BGI Proprietary platforms/machines/reagents supplied to “read” the results.

MINDEROO got an extra $320 (US$230) million from the Australian Government for procurement.

MINDEROO is a virulent Deep State Trump-hating company.

Pathologically so.

This particular deal made massive profits for BGI – all paid for by Australian taxpayers.

The BGI testing kits were flown into Tullamarine Airport (Melbourne) on Chinese Airlines for delivery to Private Pathology Practices in Victoria.

They have been brought in batches, at intervals, since mid-May – just before the Victorian outbreak began.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has written reports that BGI is a National Security Threat.

BGI has been accused of being an arm of the CCP and building a Genetic database of Western Populations as well as non-Han ethnic Populations.

This is ostensibly for genetic offensive weapons programs.

BGI has been building this database in Wuhan.

BGI is heavily integrated into elite American Universities.

Chinese money is used for Intellectual Property (IP) and Genetic theft.

There is no question that BGI was created/subsidised and controlled by the CCP to weaponise genetics for China.

BGI test kits were banned from California by the CIA as they were deemed a security threat.

ASIO/ASIS (pure Deep State organisations) have allowed BGI to operate unhindered in Australia.

They authorised the BGI RT-PCR test kits to replace the existing Aussie kits.

So how could the CCP potentially “create” the Victorian outbreak ?

It all comes down to false-positives !

A false-positive occurs when someone is tested for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and returns a positive test but is actually virus free.

They are normal but the test says they are not.

False-positives are measured by the Specificity of the tests.

If a test is 100% Specific then no false-positives occur.

In other words every positive test is correct.

No testing kit ever has 100% Specificity under clinical conditions.

So by corollary if a test is NOT 100% Specific THEN you will get false-positives and hence people being told they have COVID-19 when they don’t.

Theoretically if the Specificity is low (say arbitrarily <98%) then the outbreak could build and continue forever – so long as testing continues.

Thus TEST TEST TEST creates never ending false-positives even IF the virus has actually disappeared !

Contract tracing of false-positive people creates more testing and more false-positives.

Indeed for this very reason RT-PCR was NEVER intended (by the inventors) to be a population screening test.

RT-PCR was only meant be used on selected patients with a high “index of suspicion”.

Nevertheless it has been rolled out essentially as a population screen.

So why would this “create” an outbreak and deaths ?

As you know most deaths have occurred in Nursing Homes.

Sadly 40% of new admissions to Nursing Homes die within 9 months.

The normal mortality rate in Nursing Homes is of course very high.

So if you mass screen Nursing Home patients with a low “index of suspicion”, which is currently occurring in Victoria, then many will be labelled as COVID-19 when they didn’t have it.

Obviously many of these false-positive patients will die.

This happens in Nursing Homes.

Hence the daily hype of COVID-19 deaths and positive tests could be a fraud IF the test kits have low Specificity.

Get it ?

So let’s have a hard look at the BGL test kits in Australia.

As far as I am aware NOBODY has questioned them !

There are some serious gaps in these tests that we MUST seriously ponder and hypothesise.

However before I get to these gaps I must do some Medfagging so you understand the process of how false-positives can occur with RT-PCR test kits.

Please bear with me before I get to the important stuff !

False-positives can occur due to:

i) Collection from the wrong patient – mislabeling
ii) Transcription mistakes – wrong result/data entry by the Lab Scientist
iii) Incorrect interpretation of the results by the Lab Scientist
iv) Contamination of primary specimen
v) Contamination of reagents in the kit by amplicon (piece of RNA used in testing process)
vi) Contamination by control standard
vii) Self-priming by amplification of non-specific PCR products from multiple cycling above the Cycling threshold (Ct)
viii) Non-target genetic material cross-reactivity

So let’s focus on the last one. 🙄

Maybe you’ve heard of people being worried COVID-19 testing may cross-react with the common cold, influenza or other pneumonia’s ?

This is a very valid concern.

The test kits use things called primers and probes.

These are designed by the manufacturer to attach to parts of the target virus (SARS-CoV-2).

Many different primers/probes could be used to get the job done.

Many are essentially a mirror image of an interval or portion of the target section of RNA to be identified.

You do NOT want to choose primers/probes which also attach and identify other viruses (such as the common cold of which 15% are coronaviruses).

Obviously if this happens you’ll be identifying the WRONG virus and will be getting a false-positive result.

So choosing the right primer/probe is CRITICAL to prevent cross-reactivity and identify the CORRECT virus.

So which primers/probes are being used by the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) in their Victorian test kits ?


This is being kept SECRET by BGI !

If we knew the primers/probes we could input the nucleotide sequences into BLAST or FASTA to find the EXACT cross-reactivity to other viruses.

Thus we would be able to ascertain the robustness of the testing kits.

BLAST is a database of the genetic sequences of pathogens held by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

If we knew the primers/probes we would 100% know the cross-reactivity and have FULL confidence in the test kits – assuming no cross-reactivity found.

Why did the Australian/Victorian Government allow a CCP manufacturer to provide primers/probes that Australia can not identify ?

This is a National Security issue for a virus which has DESTROYED our economy !

So let’s play Devils Advocate and consider how the CCP could “create” an outbreak in Victoria ?

Note – remember the outbreak is only occurring in Victoria where the BGL testing kits/platforms/machines/reagents are almost only being used.

All other states have minimal positive cases and deaths without these kits.

Indeed the Sensitivity of the Aussie kits were almost 100% (say 99.9% in NSW) – calculated by the very low (true or false) positive rates and large number of tests).

It’s very simple.

All the CCP would need to do would be to send batches of kits with different/dodgy primers/probes.

They could seed say 5% of their kits in a batch with subtlety different randomised primers/probes and nobody would be the wiser – it’s all a secret anyways.

So then just use these dodgy testing kits on Nursing Home patients and any that die WITH a false-positive test will be construed as having died OF the virus.

Indeed the CCP could accelerate or decelerate the outbreak simply by the proportion of dodgy primers/probes/reagents in each batch of kits !

Look, I’m not saying this is happening.

I believe it is not !

It is only a remote possibility.

However we have outsourced validation of the VICTORIAN outbreak to the CCP for NO logical reason !

This is a matter of National Security with immense social and economic sequelae.

So in effect we have:

Accidental abhorrent false-positives
Deliberate abhorrent false-positives

Do NOT look for these terms in medical text books – I just pulled them out of my left nasal fossae 5 minutes ago !

Combined they are known as the “McGregor Principle”.

Even the BGI software could be externally “hacked” to swing results any which way – like American voting machines.

Furthermore at any stage of the pre-analytical, analytical, post-analytical processes the CCP could inject Yuan backed Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to garner a desired outcome.

So what has been done by way of transparency ?

The Doherty Institute in Melbourne has done a post-market validation study of the BGI kits.

Importantly this study was done on select BGI kits in April before the mass importation of kits in mid-May.

What did the study find ?

It found a difference in Specificity (with some as low as 97.5% – even excluding pre-analytical errors) between batches (lots) of the BGL kits.

You would think this would be a Red Flag !

Nope – they recommended the BGL kits saying it was within parameters.

No explanation was given for the poor Specificity of certain (batches) lots but I assume they thought it was due to reagent amplicons.

Importantly; they have not done ANY more QUALITY CONTROL studies on the new mass batches of test kits/reagents which BGI has supplied since May !

Unbelievable !

No more QUALITY CONTROL of BGI against Gold Standard Australian Control tests !

I also note there is no disclosure by the Doherty Institute regarding Chinese affiliations/endorsements/Grants.

As you may recall I was the first Australian Citizen Journalist to note the association between AAHL, Geelong, Victoria and the engineered virus.

ASIO/ASIS knew of the AAHL link to Wuhan and did nothing.

I feel this must be factored into their reluctance to ban BGI.

As an aside AAHL has just changed it’s name to ACDP.

Nice one.

BTW – BGI has a subsidiary in Wuhan too.

NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities
VIDRL – Victorian Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory

Get your act together and give CONFIDENCE to the Australian community !

Please perform ongoing multiple independent QUALITY CONTROL studies of Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) COVID-19 products now !

We need to know this is not a CCP plandemic in Victoria !

Peer review appreciated. Dr Russell McGregor

Source – Brian Creigh

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Missouri Sues Televangelist Jim Bakker For Selling Fake Coronavirus Cure

Televangelist Jim Bakker held up a blue and silver bottle, gazing intently at the label, as he questioned the woman sitting next to him.

“This influenza that is now circling the globe,” Bakker said on the Feb. 12 broadcast of The Jim Bakker Show, “you’re saying that Silver Solution would be effective.”

His guest, the so-called “natural health expert” Sherrill Sellman, falsely implied that the liquid would likely be effective. The coronavirus impacting more than 120,000 people worldwide does not yet have a known treatment or cure.

“Well, let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it has been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours,” Sellman said. “Totally eliminate it. Kills it. Deactivates it.”

Silver Solution “has been proven by the government that it has the ability to kill every pathogen it has ever been tested on, including SARS and HIV,” Sellman continued. Four 4-ounce bottles could be yours,a message on the screen said, for just $80.

Selling a fake “treatment” for the COVID-19 disease violates state and federal law. On Tuesday, the state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against Bakker and his production company to stop them from advertising or selling Silver Solution and related products as treatments for the coronavirus.

“Well, let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it has been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours,” Sellman said. “Totally eliminate it. Kills it. Deactivates it.”

Silver Solution “has been proven by the government that it has the ability to kill every pathogen it has ever been tested on, including SARS and HIV,” Sellman continued. Four 4-ounce bottles could be yours,a message on the screen said, for just $80.

Selling a fake “treatment” for the COVID-19 disease violates state and federal law. On Tuesday, the state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against Bakker and his production company to stop them from advertising or selling Silver Solution and related products as treatments for the coronavirus.

Bakker and Morningside Church Productions have violated Missouri law by “falsely promising to consumers that Silver Solution can cure, eliminate, kill or deactivate coronavirus and/or boost elderly consumers’ immune system and help keep them healthy when there is, in fact, no vaccine, pill, potion or other product available to treat or cure coronavirus disease 2019,” the Missouri Attorney General’s Office wrote in its application for a temporary restraining order. Bakker and his company are based in the state.

Bakker gained fame in the 1970s and ’80s as the host of The PTL Club, a Christian television program he hosted with his then-wife, Tammy Faye. He stepped down from PTL after a sex scandal and later spent several years in prison after a jury found that he had defrauded his viewers out of millions of dollars.

Missouri is the first state to file a lawsuit against Bakker for selling his coronavirus “treatment,” but others have also been warning him to stop peddling his snake oil. On March 3, the New York Attorney General’s Office sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bakker, accusing him of defrauding the public.

“Your show’s segment may mislead consumers as to the effectiveness of the Silver Solution product in protecting against the current outbreak,” wrote Lisa Landau, chief of the New York Attorney General’s Office’shealth care bureau. The World Health Organization “has noted that there is no specific medicine to prevent or treat this disease,” the letter said. It gave Bakker 10 business days to comply or face legal action.

A few days after New York’s letter, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission warned Bakker that his website and Facebook page were selling “unapproved new drugs” in violation of the law.

By Wednesday, Bakker’s website was no longer selling the solution. Bakker’s production company did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for the Missouri Attorney General’s Office told NPR that even though Silver Solution is no longer being sold, the office would continue seeking the temporary restraining order. “That way they can’t come back in months or years and start selling solution as a miracle cure again,” the attorney general’s press secretary, Chris Nuelle, said.

Bakker’s solution did not escape the attention of late-night comedians. “That is ridiculous,” John Oliver said on Last Week Tonight. “Silver does not kill coronavirus. Silver kills werewolves. Which means first you need to get your coronavirus bitten by a microscopic werewolf.” Oliver then offered his “Premium Werewolf Solution” for $49.99 per bottle, which he promised contained “millions of microscopic werewolves.”

In addition to The Jim Bakker Show, the FDA sent warnings on Monday to six other companies that were selling colloidal silver, teas, tinctures or essential oils as treatments for the coronavirus. “There already is a high level of anxiety over the potential spread of coronavirus,” said FTC Chairman Joe Simons. “What we don’t need in this situation are companies preying on consumers by promoting products with fraudulent prevention and treatment claims.”

For the past two decades, the FDA’s message has been clear: Silver doesn’t work to ( this is contrary to Published research papers) combat serious diseases. Over-the-counter drugs that contain colloidal silver ingredients “are not generally recognized as safe and effective,” it says. According to the National Institutes of Health, very little evidence backs up the health-related claims of silver. “Colloidal silver can be dangerous to your health,” the NIH says. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE ( I seriously doubt they ever tried it – The big boys do not want a cheap readily availbable altrernative that is for sure – ED) See MESO SILVER NOTES

CONSIDER THIS YOU VICTORIANS – We loose about 140 good souls every day to the heavenly realm and every day our premier and Health officers, generally Brett Sutton, dish out woe, woe, how tragic it is to loose 6 or 10 or maybe 20 dear old souls. Indeed it is, BUT IT IS NORMAL TO LOOSE folk over 80 or 90 any way and there was a big fuss made of a 20 year old passing but it came to light he had cancer..yes all tragic but things do get us in the end and we have to weigh up our self destruction in exchange for trying to extend a great innings of 80 or 90 by a few days or weeks…who knows? But we are seriously shortening our lives with all the stress and unhealthy life at home…and to top it off loved ones are banned form holding hands while loved ones go to the beyond.

I was with my dad when he passed and it was tough as we had to switch off his support and it took time…But I am glad I was there for that moment and no way would I let some idiot prevent me from doing this. It is a fundamental Human Right

My uncle was 90 when he passed but he was too old. All his generation was gone and he was gone. Lights on but no body home!. Didn’t recognize anyone and life was just not there any more. I don’t want to be like that nor did my mum. I wonder how many of these folk are really with us and I bet most would be glad to be on the bus out of here as we have all gone insane and to put them through such trauma at their end in their last moments is just diabolical and I hope those making these shocking decisions are held accountable to pay for this insanity and they indeed should be locked up for such torture and abuse of the dying and the loved ones…when will we come back to our senses?

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This article from the AUSTRALIAN August 16, summed up the situation beautifully. Well done Steve Waterson. There is INTELLIGENCE on Planet Earth after all but getting very hard to find these days.

On the ABC this morning Fran Kelly interviewed a lady near the SA border and she has a three year old with cancer and needs to go the the Adelaide Hospital for regular treatment. 300 km one way. 600 km to Melbourne but we are in lock-down. She cant cross the border and there is no virus in the area any way and the Adelaide wankers don’t want to see her just because she is from Victoria. Each day we are getting closer to a BARBARIC SOCIETY. LORD OF THE FLIES SYNDROME for sure. Is there hope for us? mmmm We must call on the PM to over ride these little STATE DICTATORS AND RESTORE ORDER. We are destroying our selves and please note this:

EVEN IF WE HAD 1000 CASES A DAY IT WOULD TAKE 18 YEARS TO TAKE US ALL WITH THE VIRUS…and reports indicate that most cases have no symptoms any way so it is a misleading statistic. We need to know HOW MANY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING SICK..AND HOW MANY NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR?..Most are over 80 that pass from this world and it would be interesting to know the chronic conditions of these dear folk. Just about any sickness would send them to the next world as it is TIME any way. The authorities have failed to protect them and we the general population are paying a very dear price indeed for their failure.

IT IS TIME COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE WAS ON AN EQUAL FOOTING TO DRUG MEDICINE. Both have a place,,,However they are trying to ban any likely treatment from NATURAL MEDICINE. see the HEALTH PARTY– They have it right!!!

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The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010

They hypothesize a simulated global outbreak required steps, various phases, overall timelines, and expected outcomes. This was posited in the Rockefeller Lockstep 2010:
Create a very contagious but super low mortality rate virus to fit the needed plan. Using SARS, HIV, Hybrid Research Strain created at Fort Dietrich Class 4 lab from 2008 to 2013 as part of a research project to find out why corona viruses spread like wildfire in bats but have an extremely hard time infecting humans. To counteract that, they added 4 HIV inserts into the virus. The missing key to infect the human is the Ace-2-Receptor.
Create a weaponized version of the virus with a much higher mortality rate as a backup plan. Ready to be released in Phase 3, but only if needed. SARS, HIV, MERS, Weaponized Tribit Strain created at Fort Dietrich Class 4 lab in 2015.
Transport the Research Strain to different Class 4 lab, the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg Canada, and have it “stolen and smuggled out by China”, Xi Jang Lee, on purpose and taken to China’s only Class 4 lab which is Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan China. For added plausible deniability and to help cement the wanted backup public script as something to fall back on if needed. The primary script being its natural. Backup script being that China created it and released it by accident.
Fund all the talking heads: Fauci, Birx, Tedros and agencies, World Health Organization, NIAID, the CDC and also the UN, that would be involved with pandemic response prior to the planned release of the Research Strain to control the wanted script throughout the operation.
Create and fund the vaccination development and roll out plan so it’s capable of being rolled out on a global scale. Gates: A Decade of Vaccines and the Global Action Vaccine action plan, 2010 to 2020.
Create and fund the vaccination, verification and certification protocols, Digital ID, to enforce/confirm the vaccination program after the mandatory roll out is enacted. Gates: ID2020.
Simulate the lockstep hypothesis just prior to the planned Research Strain release using a real-world exercise as a final war game to determine expected response, timelines, and outcomes, Event 201 in Oct 2019.
Release the Research Strain at the Wuhan Institute of Virology itself and then blame its release on a natural scapegoat as the wanted primary script. Wuhan wet market, Nov 2019. Exactly the same as the simulation.
Downplay the human-to-human transmission for as long as possible to allow the Research Strain to spread on a global scale before any country can lock down respond to avoid initial infection.
Once a country has seen infection in place, lock down incoming/outgoing travel. Keep the transmission within the country spreading for as long as possible.
Once enough people in a country/ region are infected, enact forced quarantines/isolation for that area and expand the lockdown regions slowly over time
Overhype the mortality rate by tying the Research Strain to deaths that have little to nothing to do with the actual virus to keep the fear and compliance at a maximum. If anyone dies for any reason and is found to have Covid, consider it a Covid death. And if anyone is thought to of maybe had symptoms of Covid, assume they have Covid, and consider it as a Covid death.

Keep the public quarantines for as long as possible to destroy the region’s economy, create civil unrest, break down the supply chain, and cause the start of mass food shortages. As well as cause people’s immune system to weaken due to a lack of interaction with other people’s bacteria, the outside world, aka the things that keep our immune systems alert and active.
Downplay and attack any potential treatments and continue to echo that the only cure that is viable to fight this virus is the vaccine.
Continue to drag out the quarantine over and over again in “two-week intervals” [There is that two weeks spell casting again. It is a CIA program.] causing more and more people to eventually stand up and protest. Defy them.
[And here is the key part to now:] Eventually end Phase 1 quarantine once they get enough public push back, expected June 2020, and publicly state that they think it’s “too early to end the isolation, but I’m going to do it anyways.”
Once the public go back to normal, wait a few weeks and continue to overhype the Research Strain mortality rate, Aug to Sept 2020, and combine it with the increase in deaths due to people dying from standard illnesses at a higher rate than normal due to having highly weakened immune systems from months of being in isolation [Which backs up what I said: you should social-distance people who wear masks regular. That’s what they’ve just told you. They have highly weakened immune systems.] to help further pad the mortality rate and also hype the up and coming Phase 2 lockdown.
Eventually, enact Phase 2 quarantines, Oct through Nov 2020, on an even more extreme level and blame the protesters, mostly people who don’t trust their governments already, as the cause of the largest second wave whereby the media will say ‘we told you so. It was too early. It’s all your own fault because you needed a haircut. Your freedoms have consequences.’ [Should this all unfold in this manner, the US election will be cancelled delayed or suspended. My opinion. How can you vote with Phase 2 quarantines? You can’t.]
Enforce the Phase 2 quarantines at a much more extreme level increasing the penalty for defiance. Replace fines with jail time. Deem all travel as non-essential. Increase checkpoints, including military assistance. Increase tracking/tracing after population via mandatory app. Take over control of food, gas, and create large scale shortages so that people can only get access to essential products or services if they are first given permission.
Keep the Phase 2 lockdown in place for a much longer period of time than the Phase 1 lockdown, continuing to destroy the global economy. Further degrade the supply chain and further amplify the food shortages and the like. Quell any public outrage using extreme actions or force and make anyone who defies them appear as public enemy #1 to those who are willing to submit.
After a rather long Phase 2 lockdown of 6 months plus, roll out the vaccination program and the vaccine certification and make it mandatory for everyone, giving priority access to those that submitted from the start and have those that are for it attack those that are against it, saying ‘they are a threat and the cause of all the problems’ by using words like “We can’t go back to normal until everyone takes the vaccine.” And people defying them are “hurting our way of life and therefore are the enemy.” [In other words they are going to turn the people against each other.]
If the majority of people go along with the agenda, then let those people enter the new system, the new normal, while limiting the minority that defied the agenda’s ability to work, travel and live.

If the majority of people go against the agenda, then release the Weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS Tribit Strain as a Phase 3 operation. A virus with a 30+% mortality rate as a final scare to punish the minority to quickly become the majority and give a final “We told you so” to those that didn’t listen.
Enact the new economy model. Microsoft patent 060606 crypto currency system using body activity data which is based on human behavior and willingness to submit. It is a tweaked version of the black mirrors 15 million merits program using food, water, shelter, and other essentials as a weapon of enforcement of the new economic system. Basically, do what we want and get rewarded. Gain credits score and gain more access to things you need to survive. Or go against what we want and get penalized. Lose credits score and lose access to things you need to survive.
And that is your New World Order: technology on steroids where you have no option but to comply. And if anyone thinks that this isn’t true, then go and check out some parts of China because they’ve already started some of the crypto currencies system in place in certain areas.
So, this is the outline of their plan. And what we have to stop by outing it in as many places as possible. And also calling out Q and Trump and asking them: Are you going to stop this? Mass arrests are irrelevant. This is essential and this has to be blocked.

THE ULTIMATE DISEASE DEFENSE -U.V. ENHANCEMENT – The best friend you will ever have as we face the unsafe future – Order today – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Disclaimer: The Editor has posted this article as a public matter of public interest and does not necessarily reflect the views of this Editor. I cannot validate the truth or otherwise of the matters discussed. Indeed it is my hope that none of this eventuates either because it is fantasy or the it is not found to be acceptable in the USA or here in Australia or any where. Only time will tell.

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Was the lockdown worth it? Economist Gigi Foster and infectious diseases expert Bill Bowtell have their say — how do we protect ourselves from a virus that is ravaging other countries, while working to overcome what could be the worst economic downturn since the great depression? READ ON HERE

We are killing more people because of lockdown than we are saving While it’s tempting, and even invigorating, to experience a shiver of schadenfreude at the resurgence of COVID-19 in Victoria on the watch of Australia’s most punitive premier, you should let the sensation pass quickly. The fact is  theCOVID-19 is a feature of our lives now and we need to learn to live with it. Even if a vaccine is found, it is unlikely that it will be 100% effective, so, like the flu, it will be an ongoing risk in what is intrinsically a risky business – living. Read on

Reopen the economy to economic health with only voluntary social distancing

THE ECONOMIST – RADIO NATIONAL Presented by Peter Martin  is economy editor at The Conversation and a visiting fellow at the Crawford at the ANU. A former economics editor of The Age, he has reported economics since 1985.

Gigi Foster is one of Australia’s leading economics communicators and a Professor at the UNSW School of Economics. She was named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Austral

The corona cost-benefit analyses of Richard Holden, Bruce Preston and Neil Bailey: ooops! The economic and social damage of lock downs in Australia is starting to get noticed so much that even academic economists are paying attention. After months of resisting actual data, some Australian economists who previously refused to even contemplate the idea that an economic collapse would also cost lives are finally trying their hands at data and have produced cost-benefit analyses for the corona crisis. Unfortunately, it is clearly novel territory for them and they have made basic, yet grave mistakes. Let me dissect their writings. CLICK LINK TO READ FULL STORY

Australia’s COVID 19 policies based on modelling that ignores financial costs -Govt seems clueless as to how many lives will be saved in relation to its economy crushing policies

The Australian Government has at least released the modelling that is guiding its COVID 19/Wuhan Virus response, which has  caused the economy to  collapse.  As before, the modelling makes no mention about the benefits to the whole of the population in the long term. The Government seems to have ignored its own cost guidelines, set out on the  Department Of Prime Minister And Cabinet website, which effectively value an Australian life, on average, at $4.2 Million. It does now seem as if the Government has allowed itself to spend as much it wants, without any regard to the number of lives that might actually be saved.

Run the Numbers, Survey the Folly – As of May 22, Australia had suffered 7,088 cases of COVID-19 and 102 people who died with the virus, the majority were males between 70 and 89. A sizeable proportion of those admitted to hospitals’ intensive care unitss were suffering from comorbidity issues such as cardiac disease and diabetes. Australia’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has told a Senate Inquiry that the Australian government’s actions in locking down the economy saved 14,000 lives. In the meantime, Camilla Stoltenberg, director of Norway’s public health agency, has confessed: Our assessment now, and I find that there is a broad consensus in relation to the reopening, was that one could probably achieve the same effect – and avoid part of the unfortunate repercussions – by not closing. But, instead, staying open with precautions to stop the spread. The cost to the Australian economy of the global pandemic could be as high as one thousand billion dollars with an additional direct cost to the taxpayer of $260 billion this year alone. It will be a while before our Prime Minister and the premiers admit the lockdown was entirely unnecessary and unjustified. READ FULL STORY

Correctly counting the cost shows Australia’s lockdown was a mistake

The future will now be worse because the flawed pandemic health projections didn’t correctly calculate their effects on economic welfare.Gigi FosterContributorMay 25, 2020 – 2.44pmSaveShare. Australia’s economic policies in response to the coronavirus threat have been driven in the main by projections of death and infection rates, produced by epidemiological modelling, that since have been proven to be orders of magnitude above what any country anywhere in the world, regardless of policy, has experienced. READ MORE

Gigi Foster Professor, School of Economics UNSW has some unpopular views on COVID-19, seen recently on Q&A. We drill down on her opinion and to understand her views on the lockdown. LISTEN HERE TO PROFF GIGI FOSTER INTERVIEW

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Hi E……
I think your AVI below is a really good, very clear overview of the struggle taking place between Trump and the powers driving for a N-e-w W-o-r-l-d O-r-d-e-r, a battle largely unbeknown to the masses due to an unrelenting “smoke screen” of misinformation aided and abetted by the mainstream media (MSM). Here’s your link repeated from below:
The  B-e-i-r-u-t  explosion/bombing really does appear to be another false flag event designed to send strong messages on numerous levels of understanding and being. There are likely to be further significant destabilising events taking place leading up to the US Federal election with one major intention in mind: destroy Trump’s chances of re-election! Only time will tell how well Trump “weathers the storm”. It’s a winner takes all scenario i.e. either Trump wins setting back the N-W-O agenda by a decade or Trump loses which opens the door for all of us to be engulfed and impoverished under N-W-O control very very soon perhaps as early as next year 2021.
In addition to warning messages highlighted in the avi, Trump received another warning message earlier today when a rifle-toting “crazy (-man)” was gunned down within the vicinity of one of his presentations. It’s events like this that help explain Trump’s reason for recalling 10,000 troops from Germany and 2,500 troops from Afghanistan. Who knows what will happen next? If “their” real aspiration is  a-s-s-a-s-s-i-n-a-t-i-o-n,  then much sophistication will be apparent in future attempts. 
 Here’s a few links supporting your avi and possible causes for the explosion:
FALSE FLAG OPERATION: Beirut Targeted By Devastating Terrorist Attack—Who did it and Why?
There is one major action that will significantly undermine the N-W-O agenda: An imminent remedy for the current ‘planned-demic’ that is paralysing the world economy as we know it. Apart from clearly effective alternative medicine treatments that will never see the light of day anytime soon, there are at least three and possibly four very cheap, disruptive candidates available right now and used safely for decades by mainstream medicine to resolve numerous inflammatory conditions

  1. Budesonide (Pulmicort), a mild asthma medication recently publicised by Dr. Richard Bartlett – mentioned in more detail via links in your message below. He discovered Budesonide’s high effectiveness against CoVID-19;
  2. Dexamethasone, a medication for severe asthma and many other conditions such as severe allergies, some types of nausea and vomiting, arthritis, swelling of the brain and spinal cord and for breathing difficulties in newborn babies;
  3. Hydroxychloroquine – a malaria medication which has been absolutely pilloried through the MSM ever since the day Trump mentioned it. The doctor, Stella Immanuel, reporting 100% success with Hydroxychloroquine has been discredited i.e.  So, the truth is anyone’s guess until categorical, unbiased, double-blind tests are performed that simulate the same successful conditions reported by the doctor. Obfuscation and delay is just another means for keeping treatments out of the hands of the public. Here’s a link to the original controversial avi that attracted 14 million views: You be the judge on whether this group of doctors are believable or not. One only has to ask: Why would these doctors destroy their reputations and lively-hoods by making supposedly outlandish claims if the claims were not true? Sadly, doctors Gold and Immanuel have been fired from their jobs: “ER doctor FIRED (& coworkers THREATENED!?) for sharing COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine facts”: ……..and…..”This Is Sad & Unfortunate!!! U.S Doctor Sacked For Appearing On Video With Dr Stella Immanuel”:
  4. HOT OFF THE PRESS – PROFESSOR THOMAS BORODY, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA – “IVERMECTIN” 100% EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 WITHIN 6 TO 8 DAYS – VERY FEW SIDE AFFECTS. Testing and refinement of the treatment was performed on patients in the USA. Dr Borody is amazed with the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. His job entails repurposing safe drugs for application to and treatment of other medical conditions. He takes the medication himself as a preventative treatment for CoVID-19.  In his expert opinion, the outbreak in Victoria can be brought under control very quickly with his discovery which is ready and safe to use NOW.  He challenges government to take responsibility and start immediately.  In the following avi towards the end of the interview, Professor Thomas Borody also advises that vaccinations for Covid-19 are in allot of trouble! i.e. don’t bet on a safe and effective CoVID-19 vaccination anytime soon.  “Doctor claims Ivermectin triple therapy is ‘amazingly effective’ in treating COVID-19”:
    Doctor claims Ivermectin triple therapy is ‘amazingly effective’ in treating COVID-19Gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody says the Australian government should allow the clinical trials of a drug he says is “amazingly effective” in treating the deadly coronavirus COVID-19. Professor Borody says Ivermectin, used in conjunction with two other drugs, has so-far been extremely successful in treating the deadly pathogen …, you be the judge on whether this treatment should be rolled out immediately or not.

Both Budesonide and Dexamethasone belong to a class of drugs known as ‘corticosteroids’ which are used to treat a range of conditions related to inflammation. There are likely to be further corticosteroid drugs being suitable CoVID-19 remedies too. 
It’s worth noting both Budesonide and Dexamethasone are gaining traction and most importantly, being tested for efficacy right now. Ever heard medications such as these mentioned in the MSM as potential remedies? Yet we hear ad-nauseum about vaccinations being ready just around the corner! In reality, truly safe and effective vaccinations are unlikely to happen anytime soon and the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tedros, has finally admitted this too, in recent days, saying: 
“However, there’s no silver bullet at the moment — and there might never be.” 
Refer to Tedros’s statement in the following AVI:
Refer to Budesonide and Dexamethasone testing underway mentioned at the following links:
Budesonide – Queensland University of Technology (QUT Brisbane, Australia) and the University of Oxford (Oxford, UK): – PARI Nebulizer Used in New Study with Pulmotect’s Inhaled PUL-042 for COVID-19:

Dexamethasone – University of Oxford (Oxford, UK):

In addition to the following avi on Dr. Richard Bartlett’s finding on Budesonide (i.e. a link mentioned in your message below):
…’s another avi that expands on Barlett’s initial findings:

At last there is a shining light at the end of the CoVID-19 tunnel! REGARDS M…….