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HERALD SUN – DEC 17 – It’s great to see that what I suggested long a go is now a reality but they don’t seem to see the great potential for this type of defense. It is the ideal thing to use on aeroplanes for instance, cruise ships, interstate train trips…any place where people are crammed together. On this web site we have suggested that SILVER NANO PARTICLES is ideal as a nasal spray but who cares as long as it does no harm and can destroy the virus before it gets a chance to settle in. The research papers claim that Nano Silver destroys the virus in minutes! This makes perfect sense and way back in March the first things I did was to purchase a Nasal spray for colds and filled it with my own home made Colloidal silver. ( Kits available) Back then when we thought people would be dying all over the place I would spray it up the nose when ever I went out and gargle and took 30 mil…If only they would do that in the USA or the UK I would dare to suggest very few would get sick let along die unless their immune system was already totally stuffed.. Of course it is suggested that lots of Vitamin D and C is essential and zinc as a great immune preventative but few are saying this even though the research strongly suggests these precautions.