This is a great story from a gentleman known to George Wiseman. George of course is the man behind EAGLE RESEARCH – Auqua Cure – in Canada whom  I spent a week with learning about the use of Hydrogen as a healing agent previously unknown to me. We know so much more now thanks to Dr Sircus and some great lectures I have embedded on this site for your information. 

I do not know the fine details of this person except he had a very bad issue on his head and by using a shower hat and placing the Cannula on the area to be treated, he obviously had a great result in just a few weeks.  Indeed he  was truly amazed at the results he achieved.  We do not suggest you drop all your usual Health strategies, HYDROGEN is simply a powerful addition that may well make all the difference according to research reports. George Wiseman of Eagle Research is the first I know of who has been using this approach for over four years now. He has spent countless hours breathing the Hydrogen as he sits by the computer and has observed so many great benefits over those four years. 

Nutech2000 supplies 220 volt units called AQUA HEALTH and we have only two units left as of July 2021 so hurry if you would like a unit to charge your water.  Typically it will gain a negative charge up to -300mV.  Energized water is great for all living things as far as we know but please do you own research.  

 There are many ways to apply the Hydrogen in treating the body.

  1. You can breathe with a cannula .
  2. Use a plastic shower cap or plastic bag or sheath to cover the desired area for treatment and place the cannula close to the wound area.
  3. Drink the Hydrogenated negative charged water.
  4. Wash or soak the wound areas in the negative charged water.

In the case above a shower cap was used to apply the Hydroxy to the immediate area. I do not know if all four methods were used in this particular case but the results were very pleasing indeed.

My own experience

This lass in the Philippines had a long standing problem on her ankle so I took my machine over there to treat it using the three methods of application of the Hydrogen. She breathed the Hydrogen for about 30 minutes each morning and evening and the same amount of time applying the hydrogen directly to the ankle area. the cannula was taped so the gas flowed directly to the wound area and a plastic bag taped around the foot. Even the entire skin area around the foot and ankle appeared much more healthy after the five days. She also drank the Hydrogenated water which had a high negative charge. The photo shows the ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential – meter indicating a negative 190 milli-volts. HYDROGEN charged water has marvelous health benefits as described in Dr Sircus book, HYDROGEN MEDICINE 2nd Ed.. After the five days I had to move on but the results were excellent and you can see the improvement in the skin tone. However it was after I returned back to Australia that a friend pointed out the cause of this condition. In the first picture you can see a hole very clearly. This is a breathing hole for what we believed to be a Bot Fly Worm. A common condition in Africa. The worm will make its home under the skin and generally the hole is blocked off to kill the worm. It should have been removed much earlier but was allowed to manifest.

My own problem and how I treated it – EYE DETATCHMENT

Over a period of several months I noticed that my vision was becoming blurry and reading the paper was a daily habit with a cup of coffee. However I found that the words simply became a solid grey shape after about five minutes of reading and I could no longer read. It developed to the point where I could not read at all or even work on the computer. Life was over, so I thought I had better make an appointment with my eye Doctor. It was only when he did the last resort scan that he found I had a detachment. The first picture is inside the eye and it shows a tear where the internal gel or layer is ripping away from the eye chamber. There is a lot of fancy words for all this but am trying to keep it simple. Had it totally detached I would have lost my central vision. I was promptly booked for the Eye and Ear hospital and then a specialist, but I had to wait three months to see him. In the mean time I decided to treat myself with Hydrogen AQUA HEALTH and used underwater swimming goggles to administer the Hydrogen directly to the eye. I did this for ten minute sessions over a couple of months. In conjunction to this I also had Ayurvedic treatment applying the medicated oil to the eye for about 30 minutes for about six sessions all up. When I went to the specialist and he took a scan the tearing had settled and I was given the all clear and I am happy to report I can read again. I must say that after the first Ayurvedic Treatments it was like new glasses, everything vivid and clear. Of course when I told the specialist and my Eye Doctor that I had used these methods I was immediately relegated to the loony bin… well that may be slightly exaggerated but they certainly wont be researching it as an alternative treatment sadly. As I only have one eye that is good, an operation was not on the table. There are better ways to do things. I was very grateful to be able to read again.


My wife had the misfortune to develop SHINGLES on the belly. We very quickly set up the AQUA HEALTH by the bed so that it was easy to tape the cannula to the affected area and tape glad wrap over the rash area. The gas was applied for a good 30 minutes each session in the evening for a week after which the rash was reduced to a very light red and not much bother from that point in time. I remember the terrible suffering of my dear granny way back in the 60’s when she had it in her head and the pain was terrible for her. It went on for a very long time so for this to be virtually cured in a week was a very good result. She also drank the HYDROGEN ENRICHED WATER which had a charge of about negative 290mV.

BEIJING – Med-tech firm Shanghai Asclepius Meditec Co. Ltd. says it has developed a hydrogen-oxygen nebulizer, highlighting the potential of hydrogen-oxygen therapy in tackling RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS. Named the AMS-H-03, this class III medical respiratory device can produce three liters of mixed gas containing hydrogen and oxygen by using water electrolysis and can run continuously for 24 hours, according to the company. “The hydrogen-oxygen generator with nebulizer electrolyzes water into 66% hydrogen gas and 33% oxygen gas, with a flow rate of 3L/min, which is an upgrade on a normal ventilator,” Asclepius’ project manager Peggy Lai told BioWorld…..In a real-world evidence analysis of the patients who inhaled the hydrogen-oxygen gas mix, Asclepius said results showed the device can improve the symptoms of chest pain, dyspnea, shortness of breath, cough, sputum and violent pneumonia in patients. In addition, it can reduce the risk of severe illness, shorten the length of hospital stay, and help patients to improve pulmonary fibrosis. (end) see the full report