AQUA HEALTH – with Mk4 Colloidal silver gen HYDROGEN MEDICINE

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Welcome to the cutting edge of HYDROGEN AS MEDICINE. We are proud to present a truly UNIVERSAL HEALTH MACHINE that can do so much. Although much research has been done overseas in the use of Hydrogen as medicine it is relatively unknown here in Australia. Please read through the web pages of information which I hope will inform you as to what this new Technology IS and WHAT it can do for you. I encourage RESEARCHERS to take on this technology and explore its possibilities so that its benefits can be applied and appreciated.

We welcome your feed back on your experiences if you decide to include this technology as part of your HEALTH regime. We can only tell you about the research and our own experience. For legal reasons we cannot make any particular claims as to what it will or can’t do for your own situation so it is up to you to learn about it and apply it according to your needs. You will find our experiences on these pages and I hope it inspires those who can help to make it an acceptable technology for drug free healing.  We have a lot to say on this topic so please be patient as we are building this site. We have 6 units available.

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HYDROGEN /OXYGEN ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE – Aqua Health comes with very special COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATOR using our breakthrough UV technology for greater effectiveness –

AQUA HEALTH is on the cutting edge of Health Science. Thoroughly researched in Japan and United States.

– See the many published medical papers on the subject and excellent Lectures by RESEARCH HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. We include all back up research material as referenced on our web site as we cannot make specific health claims here.

-WHAT IT DOES – HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN is bubbled through 2 litres of water using a special aerator. The higher the concentration of Hydrogen the more negative the charge, the greater the ANTI-OXIDANT detox in the body.   Everyday water has a positive charge and is NOT ANTI-OXIDANT WATER!

– This machine is extremely versatile in its applications and comes with two cannulas. Also suitable for Topical applications with amazing healing capabilities.

THE BIBLE ON “HYDROGEN MEDICINE” IS ESSENTIAL by Dr Sircus. He explains in depth the many aspects of Hydrogen Therapy and its unique healing abilities for all kinds of disease conditions. YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION and can be downloaded any time

-These types of machines usually have a price tag well over the $2000 mark and even up to 20k for hospital systems.

***This technology is very new to Australia so we are reducing the price as a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER of just $899

Only four units available on this batch so you will need to hurry.