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This design is most interesting and provided a breakthrough in Vapor Technology as it used a unique and new method at that time. By combining a high velocity air jet with the fuel it produced a white fog.  This design is very basic but it provided the inspiration for a system that had three fog funnels with the high velocity air jets producing enough fog to run a FORD F350  V8 Pickup Ute. It achieved an amazing 63 MPG.

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This principle needs further development and indeed there are many systems on YouTube who talk about the white fog. Ultrasonic’s could achieve so much in this area but it seems Ultrasonic technology is the Hidden Art. Hard to find any one knowledgeable in that area but I am sure it has a vast potential. In the Planet earth catalog in the FREE STUFF category, you will find a unit that was marketed way back in the 80’s. It was positioned under the carby to help break up the  fuel droplets. I think this principle has a lot to offer in the modern day systems but til now has been neglected for what ever reason.