EXTRACT FROM PATRICK KELLY’S COMPILATION – CHAPTER 10 – HOW TO SET UP A SMALL GENERATOR SET TO RUN ON NON HYDROCARBON FUEL – For the fully story and much more information please go to the full file Chapter 10- AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS

In Broad Outline
In order to achieve this objective, very much like Stan Meyer, we need to feed the engine three things:
1. Air – this is fed in as normal through the existing air filter.
2. Hydroxy gas – how to make this has already been explained in considerable detail.
3. A mist of very small water droplets, sometimes called “cold water fog”.
Also, we need to make two adjustments to the engine:
1. The spark timing needs to be retarded by about eleven degrees.
2. If there is a “waste” spark, then that needs to be eliminated.
To summarise then, a good deal of work needs to be done to achieve this effect:
1. An electrolyser needs to be built or bought, although the required gas production rate is not particularly high.
2. A generator of cold water fog needs to be made or bought.
3. Pipes need to be installed to carry these two items into the engine.
4. The engine timing needs to be retarded.
5. Any waste spark needs to be suppressed.
6. Water tanks are needed for the cold water fog and to keep the electrolyser topped up.
7. Ideally, some form of automatic water refill for these water tanks should be provided so that the generator can
run for long periods unattended.

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