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DOWNLOAD: 29 pages.Author: Barry Hilton. Published by Nutech2000-1998 – This ground breaking book gave birth to the Joe Cell phenomenon as we know it today in 2008.Includes the ‘Keg Cell’ and Mark I and Mk II designs. The Joe Cell first came to the attention of Nutech back in 1993 when I heard about Joe travelling over 1000 miles on a cup of water. This story was a bit hard to comprehend so it was left in the too hard basket until 1998 when Barry Hilton became involved and he set about to try and make sense of it. Barry is highly qualified in the physical sciences but his thinking is not in a straight jacket by any means. We decided to get the story direct ‘FROM THE HORSES MOUTH’ which in the course of time we named the Joe Cell Videos which have traveled all around the world and now all over YOUTUBE.
Joe flew down to visit us and totally blew our minds away with his achievements and his unique way of explaining his technology that to this day is still mysterious and captivating. He was kind enough to give us four days to grill him and this book is just a brief summary of what he revealed to us about this extraordinary technology. Some information was so extraordinary we were not game to put it into print. Joe has his own way of explaining his technology so you have to learn to tune into to what I call ‘Joe speak’. Not your usual academic high brow talk, but down to earth and perhaps a little guarded, but once you begin to understand and experience the phenomena of the Joe Cell, you will begin to grasp what Joe is talking about. It takes time so don’t rush it. New paradigms don’t come easily. The web is full of references to the Joe cell now and it has been an inspiration to many thousands around the world. Indeed Joe Cells have been shipped to almost every corner of the globe. The technology still has a way to go before it is suitable for everyday use but it is something that any novice can have a go at and even be successful. The learning curve is challenging but very very interesting. Yes there are still Mysteries to solve but this book is just the start to get you going on the path. We recommend you get the two Joe Cell manuals which are also available in German translations. The video material is now on the web and much more than we released.