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Coronavirus poll in Australia reveals one third believe it’s like flu

An Essential poll of 1010 people found 32 per cent said the disease – which has killed 733,000 people worldwide – was no more dangerous than the flu.

Almost one in 10 say they’ll never be vaccinated against the virus if a drug is developed.

While 56 per cent of respondents say they’ll get the jab straight away, 35 per cent of people agree to being vaccinated but not immediately.

One fifth believe unproven malaria drug hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment.

About 10 per cent of Greens voters would refuse a vaccine, with the figure rising to 21 per cent among other minor party supporters.

Just half of respondents trust the media to provide honest and objective information about coronavirus, while two-thirds trust the government to do the same.

The level of people very concerned about the disease has reached a new record at 50 per cent, with 40 per cent quite concerned.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval rating has also reached a new high of 66 per cent, with 23 per cent saying they disapproved of his performance. full channel 7 article