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Disability workers and clients should wear masks in stage three areas: DCMO By Rachael Dexter

The Australian Deputy Chief Medical Officer has also officially recommended disability workers wear facemasks in areas of Victoria that are under stage three restrictions. The advice now also extends to those living with a disability who receive care. “We would like to highlight the particular risks and challenges facing people with disability from COVID-19,” Professor Kidd said.”There are two reasons why people with disability on the whole are at greater risk from the COVID-19 virus. The first is that people with a disability, and particularly those with intellectual disabilities, have higher rates of chronic disease which is a significant risk factor for COVID-19,” Breaking News – Sydney Morning Herald -July 16 – I have been listening to quite a few professors in the last few days and haven’t heard much that makes sense and indeed this Professor Kidd needs to get out in the real world. Try putting a mask on my 105kg son with an intellectual disability and see how you go. Really we are loosing the plot so fast and turning Australia into a pile of crap. These guys are just so far out of touch. Yes I agree the worker should wear a mask if the client has a severe physical disability and probably has poor immunity. Fair enough proper care is required by the carer. Don’t make life any bloody harder guys….get real!!! and now a TRUMP WALL in Queensland….yes we have definitely lost it

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