‘TUNING IN’ was first published in September 1989 and was the first Australian FREE ENERGY NEWS LETTER: It was indeed a very humble beginning with a small type writer, a $3500 30 Meg HD Amstrad computer combined with a photo copier, compliments of work and a pair of scissors and glue. How things have changed in this digital age. The sad thing is my editorial is just as relevant today as it was in 1989. We are still seeking the golden age of abundant FREE ENERGY from Space Vacuum and still seems to be just as elusive.
I have combined all the editions into one file so that you can download the lot in one go with my compliments so that you can reflect on the excitement and optimism we felt back in the 80’s. Yes we need these technologies more than ever today if we are to clean up this lovely planet.ENJOY

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I have digitised the publications into four lots: Please download these set separately DOWNLOAD: Volume one, set 1- editions 1,2,3, – Introduction to TUNING IN – Still just as relevant to day, Car Runs on Water – Horvath, Tesla Technology, The New Electromagnetcis and secrets of Electrical Free Energy – Bearden ( Essential reading for Bedini buffs), Don Kelly news, Hints for Tesla Experimenters, Nicola Tesla – A Conspiracy to turn out his light, Historic Tesla Technology -Space Energy Generator, The Vacuum Triode Amplifier, Biased Unitized Motor Alternator with Stationary Armature and Field – Ecklin, Fibre optic System for Measuring High Voltages, Electrolytic Fusion – A Zero Point Energy Coherence – Moray King,

editions 4,5,6, – FEATURE ARTICLE – The case against Bearden and Tesla, Concealed conflict by Lt. Col. T.E Bearden, Free energy generator plans, Violation of Law of Conservation of charge in Space – Power Generation Phenomenon, Fibre optic system for measuring high voltages, FREE ENERGY – Breakout or Pandoras box, Zero point energy part two, Einstein and Relativity, Free Energy – Final Solutions, Gravity – to – Magnetic Field Experiment, GLASNOST – The 29th move, Actions speak louder than words – E.C. Prophet, How to distinguish between nebulous double talk and legitimate scientific presentation, Paradigm of New Science – Inomata, Operational Free Energy Devices propelled by accelerated Magnetic Fields – Dr Jan Pakak, and much

editions 7,8 Vol2 -1, Plasma Generator Project USSR Vacuum Energy – A Breakthrough, Cloud Busting – Fact or Mythology – Herman Meinke, Paradigm of New Science part 2 – Inomata, Operational Free Energy Devices Propelled by Accelerated magnetic Fields – Dr Jan Pajak, Soviet Vacuum Energy Device, A lamp powered by Vacuum, The Elastic Threads of Gravity Neuclear Force and Radiant Energy Transmission – Beresford Joseph (now deceased and greatly missed), Invention gift to the Nation- Adams, Curiosity drives pair to test theories on global electrical power, Cloud Busting – part 2, Project Tango- Rain Engineering in the Singapore Dry Season – TJC, Telekinetic Dissociation of Water – Dr Jan Pajak, The WIN PROJECT – Free Energy Generator, Suppressed Technology of the 80,s and 90’s – Al Fry, Birth of New Technology – Stan Meyer, Water Fracturing Process

Volume two, set 4 – editions 2,3, The Noble gas engine ( may be seeing the light of day again – < ), World wakes up to Water Fuel Invention – Meyer, Einstein’s New Conception of the Ether, Molecular Dissociation of Water – Danforth, Permanent Magnet Cam Motor, Has the Greatest Medical Discovery in History been kept Secret – Rife, Possible use of Chemical Ether Generators for Drought Removal- How to make ( Some Australians were very active in the drought years), A Review of the 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference – IECEC – The Ether, Hydrogen Supplimentation for the Gasoline Engine -100% increase ( double mpg), Tesla Inc. Tesla Turbine, Australian Ceramics Fuel Cell, What keeps the Nucleus of the World Together?, Rife Research, Orgone Engineering – part 2, Electro Magnetic Resonance Motor Supermagnetic Interaction, Physics and Technology of the Phenomenon of Space Power Generation, On Supersymmetries by Denying the Axiom of Choice, Alien Presence on Earth. June 1992 was the final Edition I am sad to say. — I got married. Need I say more.