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Fun facts..

You can Google this shit it’s easy to verify.
The company Scomo has bought 25 million rushed doses of an experimental mutated chimpanzees virus for all us Australians.
The company Astra Zeneca in recent years has paid over $1 billion USD in fines and out-of-court settlement.


In the last couple of years the US government found Zenica guilty of SUPPRESSING CLINICAL TRIAL DATA!! Which led to people being injured and also found them guilty of promoting a drug that wasn’t approved.

They were fined $520 million!!

And had to pay a further $620 million in settling 23,000 court cases for injuries and side effects.

Jesus Christ.

You want a rushed covid vaccine from this company with a history of fudging clinical trials and paying of injured families!!! Are you mental!!! HELL NO!!

ed:(This came to me in an email)