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My friend is in the most vulnerable bracket at 80 years old, he was a heavy smoker all his life until the Emphysema took over and would have killed him very quickly had he not given up some 23 years ago. At that time the Doctor gave him 6 months to live if he kept smoking. He had less than 50% lung capacity. A very dire state indeed if contracting any respiratory infection.

Each year he has the flu shot as a precaution. This year he has been very concerned for his health and goes to extreme measures to sanitize his home, his door knobs constantly wiped and was wearing a mask before we had to.

About ten days ago he was getting petrol and did not wear his mask nor was the Indian chap serving him who was chatting on the phone for some time before serving my friend. His droplets could have been filling the air with vigourous chatting on the phone as well touching the money change from one hundred dollars.

Three days later at 4 am my friend awoke very ill, high fever, no taste, vomiting, his airway partially blocked and difficult breathing. He was very very weak and considered himself very ill.

At about 7.30am he took a strong dose of colloidal silver he made himself.

This gentleman has been much of my inspiration in researching this subject over the last few months as it has been so successful in treating normal infections so very effectively for so many years.

At about 12.30 he took another large dose ( about 100 ml) and he was able to gargle with it and get it up the nose canal from the rear of the throat. In my case I squirt it up the nose and get it down the back of the throat that way.

The main point is to hit the virus in the upper respiratory canals where is first settles and makes base camp. It is so vital to hit it before it gets to the Lungs. In this case he doesn’t think it had progressed to the lungs and by 4pm he was able to eat with out bringing up food and the next day he was basically symptom free.


Yes indeed miraculous when you compare this to all the stuff we hear on the media every day scaring the Hell out of us all. I have said from day ONE. TREAT THE DAMN THING!.

Even now they say very little about treatment. Just go home and stay alone thus letting it take over you. Our TGA has only approved one treatment so far from July 10. See my articles on this web site.

I hope this assists people to take charge of their health. No one else will sadly.

NOTICE: I have written to the PM, Gregg Hunt MP, The Treasurer and others but never a reply. I have sent the PEER REVIEW PUBLISHED PAPERS. It seems no one want to know.