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THIS SITE LOOKS LIKE A MOST COMPREHENSIVE COMPILATION IF EVIDENCED BASED MATERIAL – It is amazing to me that still many people still believe the OFFICIAL story but steel building do not collapse faster than gravity and many seem to forget about WTC7 which was a perfect demolition. I am amazed at Jon Fayne who was the 774 Radio presenter for many years and he could not tolerate any mention of conspiracy views around 911. So annoying to hear him and now he is most annoying in encouraging Dan Andrews on to destroy our State of Victoria and in particular Melbourne. I might mention that in his article he forgot to mention he IS WORKING FOR THE PREMIER. Just a little oversight dear Jon. Any way Fools choose to be Fools and will keep their eyes shut no matter what. If you still have any doubts check this site out. Use a little logic and then open your eyes and maybe see what is going on today in a different light. There is much to be said for sure. My big gripe is why they deny any TREATMENTS?. Especially in the ALTERNATIVE HOLISTIC treatments. They are very active shutting down any voices who have great suggestions. But that is another story!

if it looks like a DEMOLITION…IT PROBABLY IS!!!