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​If only we all had this burning passion at what is going on now. …look what it is doing to us even though he is not Victorian…we are now barbaric and cruel society where we don’t let loved ones comfort the dying, what have we become? We have failed to look after and protect the elderly people we love and care for…..there is no people’s voice….I know you may pass this guy off as nuts but look at the stress here and the passion

​ I​ am sure we all​ have similar feelings of despair and hopelessness…none of the leaders have a plan but total destruction…even dear Pauline is silenced…the oppositions is dead…no voice anywhere and this guy is expressing how we all feel…then listen to him the next day…his listeners were concerned for him but he is voicing for his sister’s death but hear his story​.  

Does any one see all this air traffic going on..I do see planes going over…..gee the Chinese do have huge air strips in the desert if you remember the Palmer ads of the last election..indeed we have forgotten why our sons died so long ago..we do need to sack Dan and have a new strategy. We need a new direction urgently…They all lauded New Zealand but look now…this Lockdown strategy is not the way to go. See Covid Challenge
He says he snapped ​on his youtube ​and a lot of us are all feeling like that…Hope ​you listen even if you disagree….it is the hopelessness we all feel…​expressed so well regardless of the facts be it true or otherwise.​ ( sorry for bad language)  we need an eye on what is going on…
​C​alm chat the next day he explains his feelings… makes me cry for we feel the same…how do we change this path to destruction. ​The leaders of this once great country no longer represent us. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE…WAKE UP OR GO DOWN THE SEWER

Rita hit the nail on the head today..Indeed we have lost it and now a BARBARIC SOCIETY – Lord forgive us for we know not what we do!!!