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* In the order of 85% efficient
* Few parts and easy manufacturing—low cost production
* Very compact—suitable for Hybrid Technology, Stationary engines, Small and large vehicles, East-west and in line engine mount, Multiple ganged engines.
* Ideal for any fuel system, Hydrogen, Petrol, diesel, bio-diesel, LPG. Easily designed to suit the burn characteristics of all fuels and burn rates by maintaining a constant volume combustion chamber for the entire burn process.
* No crank shaft or conrods, no complicated valve systems and expensive head designs.
Pistons do not travel up a bore and stop and reverse direction. Pistons travel in an elliptical orbit capitalizing on ‘angular momentum’ which feeds energy to the spinning mass in the same way a spinning ice skater increases spin speed when the arms are pulled in. The unique feature of this design enables the top dead centre, full compression, to be maintained for a set number of degrees of rotation which ensures a complete burn of the fuel in the engine combustion chamber and eliminates the need for external pollution controls.
* The engine runs cool. No expensive water jackets.
* The four stroke fires TWICE for EACH REVOLUTION which dramatically increases the power out put for a given size of engine.
The latest model features a built in booster system where two pistons act as air pumps to pre compress the charge for the combustion power pistons. The compressor pistons can be sized up to meet any compression ratio desired. However the compressor pistons are not essential to the general design principle. An earlier design featured only two pistons and ran as a two stroke system.
* Ideal for the small engine market from wiper- snipers to motor cycles. Once again  a vast market potential for this motor design which is very flexible.

Extensive testing has already been carried out with several engines built and various configurations tested. Proof of concept is well established and all that remains is for the final commercial prototyping to be carried out to develop the final commercial production model.

The design lends itself to many and varied applications which would put any manufacturer in a world leading position meeting the future needs in  a low to zero polluting engine that is small, light weight but powerful thanks to its unique design that works in harmony with the natural laws of physics which in turn, enhances the performance of the motor.
This is an exciting opportunity for any engine manufacturer to take on ensuring their future prosperity and viability as an engine manufacturer.

* Hilton Dynamics also has on the drawing board a Diesel version suitable for heavy industry.

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