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It has been a pleasure to meet Mr John Bennet who is a man of the ‘old school’,  precision engine  builder and has developed ways of over coming ‘Engineering stuff ups’ by the conventional Auto manufacturers. We all know the early Fords of the 60’s 70’s had over heating of the rear cylinders and some engines ran better than others. He developed his special BY-PASS COOLING SYSTEM which gives the engine the kind of combustion environment it needs for a much more efficient burn. The key is to maintain an even temperature through out the head/block. He also built racing engines that did not need a rebuild after every race and now involved in a pilot project in Sydney where they are converting a building to be self powered using diesel generators converted to natural gas. To achieve this John has designed spacer plates that reduce the compression for natural gas and enables an ignition system to be fitted as well as very special swirl chamber techniques. The emissions tested so far have never been achieved before according to the reports so it is a very clean burn. This would be an ideal project to combine the Hydroxy technology as well for even better burn and efficiencies.

John has lectured at our Climate Technology Meetings and his DVD is available. We also have a lecture on his cooling system by Darryl O’bryan who was also involved in the project.

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