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From Mark: Follow this link to see a timeline of links connecting to official source documents on HCQ efficacy, dating back to 1983:
Most of the links are very recent due to the urgency in treating CoVID-19. The timeline indicates there’s many “non-conspiratorial” reports regarding positive outcomes of HCQ-based treatments which are being either misrepresented or ignored by the MSM for obvious reasons.
I suppose if anyone prefers seeing “non-conspiratorial” negative reports on the efficacy of HCQ, just go to any ‘world-renowned’ offical site such as the WHO, CSC, FDA, the Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and many others. With a plethora of positive efficacy reports available, one would think at least a few of those positive reports would have found there way to any one or all of these organisations, investigated accordingly and then broadcasted universally.