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Its good to know that the court case challenging this impost is still going ahead. This Curfew until last Monday has been essentially holding us under house arrest for many weeks. It has now been lifted thankfully. It is the opinion that is was illegal and we hope for a decision confirming this very soon. That will mean all the FINES they dished out for breaking the curfew will have to be waived. Oh happy day for so many.

Much of what the government is doing these days will no doubt be proved to be illegal in due course. I hope all those copping these huge fines will take it to court. Even now there are still $5000 fines for, doing what us normal human behaviour and I wonder who can pay them any way. I couldn’t.

Reading an analysis of the restriction and all the conflicting rules makes the whole thing a mess. The whole thing about getting tested and then locking your self up is just counter to all good basic advice.

We need to change the mantra from GET TESTED – GO HOME AND ISOLATE and let the disease take hold -TO – GET TESTED…IF POSITIVE – GO HOME – GET THE APPROVED IMMUNE BOOSTER KIT OR WHAT EVER TREATMENT PROTOCOL IS ON OFFER AND GET BETTER QUICKLY! This protocol would have saved thousands of lives and most of the 700 in Victoria that have been damned to the next word due to the Quarantine stuff up. Many books will be written on this greatest stuff up in Australian History.

We will watch what happens with the court decision with great interest.