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Gee is there no end to their madness? Please go to the link and sign this petition…just another insanity.

Will you sign? Please do…we get virtually nothing as it is!

Dear Prime Minister, State Premiers and Energy Ministers,

The Australian Energy Market Commission is currently considering a proposal for charging solar owners to export to the grid – in effect, taxing the sun.

Currently solar households are not charged when they export power but if these new rules are successful, solar households could be slugged every time they pump clean energy into the grid

This is in spite of that fact that research shows solar owners are producing cheap power for their neighbours and reducing bills in the process. We should be encouraging more households to make the solar switch, not penalising those who have made a smart investment in clean technology.

We’re asking you to reject proposals that apply a blanket sun tax and instead:

  • Invest in network infrastructure, like community-scale battery storage, so that more homes can invest in rooftop solar.
  • Help more renters, people living in apartments and low-income households access cheap solar energy.