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It really is time we changed our strategy as we are all headed for HELL the way we are going. CONSIDER THIS : What is a CASE?

Defining a case

Before counting cases, the epidemiologist must decide what to count, that is, what to call a case. For that, the epidemiologist uses a case definition. A case definition is a set of standard criteria for classifying whether a person has a particular disease, syndrome, or other health condition. Some case definitions, particularly those used for national surveillance, have been developed and adopted as national standards that ensure comparability. Use of an agreed-upon standard case definition ensures that every case is equivalent, regardless of when or where it occurred, or who identified it. Furthermore, the number of cases or rate of disease identified in one time or place can be compared with the number or rate from another time or place. 

So we need to agree what a case actually is. A positive reading alone should not be considered a case especially asymptomatic….and if a person is not really sick…A real case in my view is one that requires a visit to the Doctor and medicine is required be it Drugs or better still Colloidal Silver and other Holistic Treatments that I hope will be put to the test and shown to be effective. Lets hope we get some feed back soon.

If we Consider a case as one who is actually sick and being treated the numbers are not so frightening. My view is if we treat as soon as POSITIVE we would avoid death and Hospital. Let’s try it and see?

Some are pushing this sort of thing around ( below) and I do not believe it is a scam as it is really bad to let develop and wipe out your organs and die. It is very serious if allowed to develop no doubt about that…My friend in the Philippines has it and it is not nice….so lets be sensible even if the Government isn’t. It is horrendous what is going on and the fines over kill let alone 2 years jail for crossing the border. We have to do much better. Mr PM there will be no come back the way we are going…change the strategy so we don’t need lock down. It can be done by TREATMENT OF POSITIVE CASES.