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Can you believe it but due to extreme censorship on FaceBook we now have to resort to pictures of vital news.

At least someone had the courage to speak out but look at how he is condemned…They all want to smash us to a pulp.

DR.SIMONE GOLDS GETS SACK FOR SPEAKING OUT – See Dr Simone Gold. She has been using it successfully and lost her job when she spoke out. See Bitchute for her clips. I cant embed I am sorry..

From a news clip

Labor has labelled comments by the federal Liberal MP Craig Kelly “offensive” and “irresponsible” after he questioned whether Daniel Andrews could be criminally liable for blocking the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19.

The use of hydroxychloroquine has been championed by Donald Trump, but the most reputable global studies have found it is ineffective as a treatment, and it can have severe and even deadly side effects if used inappropriately.

Kelly’s suggestion that the Victorian premier “and others” could be liable for industrial manslaughter appears to have no legal basis, is at odds with his own government’s cautious approach and ignores months of evidence that the drug is not a wonder treatment for Covid-19.

In a late-night Sunday or early-morning Monday post, Kelly posed the question: “COULD THE VICTORIAN PREMIER (and others) FACE 25 YEARS IN JAIL FOR CONTINUING TO BAN HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE?”

The post was accompanied by a graphic with a Herald Sun article by Terry McCrann targeting Andrews for listing hydroxychloroquine as a controlled substance in April, and a mocked-up image of Andrews behind bars.

Kelly also posted that the ABC should be defunded over what he called “appalling” coverage highlighting the politicisation of the drug. Other posts suggested hydroxychloroquine was responsible for fighting Covid-19 in Kazakhstan, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and India.

The shadow health minister, Chris Bowen, responded in a tweet labelling Kelly’s posts “offensive and dangerous”.

“Suffice it to say there is one body which determines drug safety and efficacy and it’s the [Therapeutic Goods Administration],” he said. “Trumpian rants by Liberal MPs have no place in fighting this pandemic.”

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Dear “Erald Sun…Get yr Erlad Sun” Oh those memories…in Swanston St…
Hello common sense?? Is there anyone there??? Yes we have all lost our marbles and falling into a HELL HOLE…Did you see Q &A last night.( july 28)..Nothing special but I like Gigi from her past comments and seems to be the only voice of reason. I include my letter to her so I don’t have to repeat myself. but you will understand that we need a strategy to eliminate FEAR and to do that we need to demonstrate that this VIRUS is the early stages is easily knocked out using mainly complementary medicine and has been demonstrated to be effective but of course we need to prove it here and thus you guys in the media need to drive this…Let’s say we do have that TREATMENT and it was given to every POSITIVE case as a Health Pak…Yes lets keep the physical distancing until it is right down and the masks now in crowded places…to keep the rate of positives in check. Then we would not need to do all this expensive and time wasting tracking but any one with the slightest symptom get tested and get the pak if positive, and probably 1 week in isolation would be more than enough as this TREATMENT has been amazing even on a Pneumonia patient, reasonably severe case in a week. This was done under my direction in the Philippines and now the Dr and his team are so impressed they are doing more patients as out-lined in my letter to Gigi below…

I should have his documented results soon so I am hoping and praying it will be as good as our first trial. He will then address the medical board, so who knows after that. It has saved one life so far…and many in the States under Dr Bartlett using part of this Treatment…Of course we all know why no IMMUNE BOOSTING TREATMENT IS NEVER TALKED ABOUT…its all about the Pharma and drug industry…You can research that story.
Whatever the truth, we need to stop this destructive Lockdown strategy as it is clearly not working and sooner or later another Dan Mess will appear somewhere else. I hope they send him the bill for all this!!
In order to fly again we need a much better strategy and the EARLY TREATMENT IS THE BEST WAY TO GO…Snuff it out before it has a chance to develop…gee they are so dumb to say to a Positive case to just go home for 2 weeks and drink water…Just use your logic…in this time the virus has the time to build in the system and become deadly…So that is rubbish and dumb…Please do the research and do some articles on just what goes on..

PLEASE RESEARCH THE TIME LINE FOR THE SICK PATIENTS??? -we never hear the time line of those going to Hospital? How long is it after the positive reading? did they get any treatment…I say no!!…not til it is too late as i Brazil…..I asked a dr at the Austin and I asked him what he does for them…Oh we keep up the fluids…ie dextrose and that is sugar and feed bacteria….and ventilators…ie that is last resort and kills more than it saves…so it is all BS to put it mildly…In the US the hospitals were getting huge pay outs for every patient…Time you did a story on that and all the mess that went on there. BIG stories to be had…
Please investigate and let the people know what in hell is going on and PUSH an ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY THAT CAN FREE US BUT KEEP US SAFE AND NO MORE DEATHS OR LOCK DOWNS.
Can you check the survival stats in that image and publish the reality…
And every day in the SUN publish
1- how many positive cases
2- How many actually get sick…now anyone getting treated by a DR is a real case…the ones NOT having symptoms are NOT a real cases so lets redefine this mess..
3- How many die with details as to underlying chronic problems – age – how long after the positive test they became ill and the treatments dished out to them…You will find that they are simply NOT being treated..
Just stuck on a ventilator..Maybe Zinc as in the ICU in the Austin…but what else??? massive drugs maybe…But I bet NO nourishment , no vitamins to help the body recover…This is where modern medicine fails abmisimerly. It is time you told the TRUTH as to what is going on…No BLOODY WONDER THEY DIE. AND every day we hear Dan say that those who die are over 80 or 90…gee in the prime of life but what about the generations we are totally stuffing up…In the war years we sent our prime youth off and lost 10,000 in a day..and now we stuff another generation..Not good I agree…and yes we need to protect the vulnerable but look at the mess now…If only they were given this TREATMENT they would have a hope maybe..depending on underlying issues…as you know they are loaded up with Drugs and very impaired immune systems, so we are yet to see how they would fair…But at least give them a fighting chance..BUT they don’t…so sad…OK I hope you guys can do a better more contextual reporting job…If you want to explore further please see and COVID CHALLENGE….Sincerely Ian

A PLEA FOR SANITY: A woman feeling enormous stress with a son who has severe intellectual disability and it is very tough…cracking up….from Europes and wants to visit home…soon…like 10 million others…
To Prof Bill Bowtell The elimination of the virus is a phantasy.
The “blunder in hotel quarantine” in Victoria could happen anywhere at any time.
The economy has to go back to normal to sustain our billowing social safety net. Half the Australian population have loved ones overseas. Indefinite border closures are not an option.
You are advocating to condemn our young to years of unemployment in a prolonged depression.
These lockdown measures like we have in Melbourne and associated government support payments are not sustainable.
Kind Regards……..

Hello Gigi FOSTER – Good to see you last night on Q & A but I felt a fairly lackluster program and seems we do lack any vision for the future. If people like Prof Bill Bowtell at the Kirby Institute get their way we will have no future.

Just one point- wouldn’t it be better if we had a board of advisors instead of ONE Health advisor so that we have more options as to our health options? Like NATURAL HEALTH THEAPIES REPRESENTED…A 4 BILLION $ INDUSTRY…OR WAS…

I better not rave on Gigi but the real problem no one addresses is that NO ONE IS ACTUALLY TREATED. Check it out for yourself and speak to Doctors. They may put you on a drip and poke a deadly tube down your throat and fill you with anti bi’s but it is TOO LATE by the time they get to Hospital. Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply ISSUE A IMMUNE BOOSTER PAK to EVERY POSITIVE CASE and make sure the virus does not have a home to develop in?

I firmly believe it is not adequate to send someone home for two weeks and told to just drink water…This allows the disease to manifest and in vulnerable people it will be too late. Look at those two young nurses Lee Sales had on last night. I am trying to get word through to them about a trial in Philippines I am personally involved in.

A lass just came out of a very dangerous situation. 39.9 Temp. Could not move. Had nappy. No voice. Coughing to dry reaching…Pneumonia…was not looking good but she went on a complimentary medicine regime I had researched as well as a nebulizer -Rhinocort as described by Richard Bartlett. (see his you tube). Here is Lorna’s Dr comment: dr…..I see how fast the recovery went on my patient here in Philippines I heard that she uses the medication that is given by Mr Ian Charles Hacon who is the creator of this website even my colleagues are amazed at how fast she recovers from this virus just a week and its all gone now

This Doctor is now treating two more who have the virus to a serious degree and we will see what happens in the next few days. He will be addressing the medical board and will be releasing his trial details. Exciting if all goes well…

You mentioned last night if you had to choose between one person being killed or a dozen you would change direction and go for the one to save the others…fair enough…but lets try to avoid all death by a preventative TREATMENT…Now we must concede we have done a good job of getting this under reasonable control but we are killing the country and we are all becoming depressed and useless. LOCKDOWN HAS TO GO or we will see a break down and revolt…It is already happening…so now is the time to change our strategy to one of prevention so if every positive case was given a MED PAK to take and build the immunity we would have so very few disease conditions let alone Hospital cases.

Gigi have you ever asked HOW MANY ACTUALLY GET SICK ? So many don’t and have you asked WHY? I guess it is obvious..our IMMUNE SYSTEM so lets give it some support. NO ONE SUGGESTS SUCH A THING…Now that we have proven its effectiveness we should now do trials here and see how it goes so that we can safely lift the Lock down and get on with our lives and if we continue with PHYSICAL DISTANCING AND MASKS FOR A WHILE to keep the spread manageable, we will eventually have herd immunity and not destroy ourselves.

Did you hear the guy from the HERITAGE SOCIETY. All our iconic Heritage Tourist attractions are now insolvent…may have to sell the lot and what a tragedy….not to mention all our cultural and arts etc…on and on but people are NOT counting the cost of all this and our destruction…at least here in Melbourne.

Dan stuffed up by using people from corrupt Countries who have no training and what can we expect…so the cat is out of the bag..Virus is raging here… We have done away with full time staff and now casuals roam from age care to age care and now look at the mess. Once upon a time Hospitals had Nursing quarters and the nurses lived in and belonged to that Hospital…no more…so yes we have a mess and NO Vision to make it good….

Some how we need to push the idea to TREAT EARLY…and we can be world leaders and no need for lock down…

WHAT IS THE TREATMENT? I HAVE RESEARCHED THIS VERY WELL AND THERE ARE PLENTY OF OPTIONS and that is why we need to hear from all medical fields. Trials in India using Ayurveda have 100% cure in 4 days to a week or so…Obviously not using it wide spread…Too many there I guess…But here as a start the two big things that seem to be working very well are 1 & 2.

1- COLLOIDAL SILVER and I have put published material in the website to support this. 15 ml every 2 hours

2- NEBULIZER – RHINOCORT every 4 hours they did it

3-vit c – This should be to bowel tolerance. If very ill intravenous

4-Vit D – not sure what they did..2 in morning and 2 in evening..maybe more…In ICU they put it in the drip.

5-Echinacia.. 4 tabs every 4 hours…has always worked on the FLU very well with VIT C.. just for extra support

This simple regime gave the amazing result the Dr spoke about and now trying for a repeat with NO drugs. So watch this space but that Nurse on Lee Sales program really needs this info as the Doctors deny this simple and will documented information.

I have an aged care place just around the corner and has 34 cases…maybe more now out of 40…wouldn’t it be great if they would try something like this instead of dragging them off and stressing them and I guess many will die as they are denied a TREATMENT that will help them cope.

So in order for our ECONOMY TO RE BIRTH we need to take out the FEAR and offer a better strategy or we all die. Stress…if the virus doesn’t get us. Social breakdown. These so called MEDICAL EXPERTS DON’T CARE ABOUT the DAMAGE THEY ARE DOING. The University car parks are empty here…Nothing much going on and my friend lectures at RMIT – a DR of Chemistry and brilliant lecturer and has helped me in my research and he is on the job seeker now, for God’s sake.!!!..and guess what all the experienced staff are leaving in droves and they are hiring people who haven’t got a clue. They are now videoing experiments and the student now has to write a prac report from just watching it done on the screen and not getting hands on experience using equipment and chemicals etc..AND They want to keep it this way!!! How do you think these will go in the real world? Totally useless…we are killing everything Gigi…what is going on??…this wave of ignorance and destruction…there are no voices of light anywhere??? God help us…OHH sorry I did rave on…Good therapy I guess…I hope you can put this idea out there…need to remove the FEAR FACTOR- oh and do look at the recovery figures…I believe it is 98.97…something ridiculous. My web is

cheers…SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS…BE A LIGHT – well we try… Sincerely Ian

Gigi Foster

Professor, Director of Education

School of Economics – PhD in economics, University of Maryland, College Park | BA, magna cum laude in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, Yale University

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NO FAIR GO ANY MORE – We have become so UN-AUSTRALIAN lately where decisions have no basis to reality and it seems some are just on a POWER TRIP. I don’t know how long AUSSIES will tolerate this insanity but we can only hope and pray we get some sensible people on the job soon. Just have a listen to AM this morning July 24 illustrates the extreme loss of common sense and now they are actually likely to cause more death and Social break down then what they pretend to be saving…Gee little Aussies WAKE UP. I will say it again if only we just TREAT all POSITIVE CASES and boost their IMMUNITY we would virtually eliminate serious sickness. This is obvious as very few get sick any way…See COVID CHALLENGE – Please do have a listen to this and you will be shocked


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Our Leaders need to understand that WE THE PEOPLE are the BOSS and it is their job to carry out our WILL.

Maybe we will have had enough like some overseas countries ( Europe) and perhaps it would be good if THOSE WHO WANT TO STAY LOCKED UP CAN DO SO and THOSE WHO WANT TO GET ON WITH LIFE WE DO SO. Now that we know there are good IMMUNE BOOSTING TREATMENTS we can use on this damn COVID thing, we can TREAT EARLY and keep out of Hospital and hopefully avoid being terminated.

Of course the system doesn’t want to know about NON PHARMA OPTIONS. We can (AT LEAST TRY) use them and keep our selves SAFE. They admit tonight July 22 2020, that Community Transfer is out of control in Melbourne and not traceable, so lets focus on those who feel unwell to go get tested and inform them how best to treat them selves with a good IMMUNE BOOSTING PROGRAM developed by a TEAM OF NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS and HERBAL SPECIALISTS and of course COLLOIDAL SILVER which needs immediate Trialing as it seems to fit the bill for being the most effective according to Published Literature. Of course that is TOO SIMPLE and TOO CHEAP and not sexy, but COLLOIDAL SILVER has a long proven track record and worth a try at least.

Sooner or later people may feel they have had enough and maybe they will organize an outing to make our REPRESENTITIVES carry OUT OUR WILL OF THE PEOPLE AS THEY ARE ELECTED TO DO AND MAYBE THEY WILL MARCH A MILLION ONTO PARLIAMENT HOUSE TO AIR THEIR VOICE AND LET THEM KNOW IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS WE WANT A NEW STRATEGY WITH NO LOCK DOWN AS WE ARE ALL GOING TO HELL ON THIS ROAD OF NON RECOVERY AND WILL SOON BE UN-RECOVERABLE!! ( Parliament represents the interests of the people and ensures those interests are taken into account by government. Government is unable to pass laws or raise taxes without the agreement of the ParliamentParliament comprises the members of parties that the community has elected to represent them.) (...are they doing our will now by locking us up – did they ask our permission?)

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR THIS TO BREAK OUT??? So sad to see all our NATIONAL TRUST ICONIC ATTRACTIONS are becoming, or are INSOLVENT and there is talk they may have to be sold off which is a NATIONAL tragedy! Just the tip of the SOCIAL CAPITAL collapse!

MMM MAYBE SELL PARLIAMENT HOUSE SINCE THEY DON’T WANT TO USE IT ANY MORE…HA HAyes indeed when we have Freedom granted to us again I am sure we will be marching again. We have a lot to sort out!! ( we are all prisoners now in Victoria as at Sept 4 – 2020) The laughing stock of the world

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It really is time we changed our strategy as we are all headed for HELL the way we are going. CONSIDER THIS : What is a CASE?

Defining a case

Before counting cases, the epidemiologist must decide what to count, that is, what to call a case. For that, the epidemiologist uses a case definition. A case definition is a set of standard criteria for classifying whether a person has a particular disease, syndrome, or other health condition. Some case definitions, particularly those used for national surveillance, have been developed and adopted as national standards that ensure comparability. Use of an agreed-upon standard case definition ensures that every case is equivalent, regardless of when or where it occurred, or who identified it. Furthermore, the number of cases or rate of disease identified in one time or place can be compared with the number or rate from another time or place. 

So we need to agree what a case actually is. A positive reading alone should not be considered a case especially asymptomatic….and if a person is not really sick…A real case in my view is one that requires a visit to the Doctor and medicine is required be it Drugs or better still Colloidal Silver and other Holistic Treatments that I hope will be put to the test and shown to be effective. Lets hope we get some feed back soon.

If we Consider a case as one who is actually sick and being treated the numbers are not so frightening. My view is if we treat as soon as POSITIVE we would avoid death and Hospital. Let’s try it and see?

Some are pushing this sort of thing around ( below) and I do not believe it is a scam as it is really bad to let develop and wipe out your organs and die. It is very serious if allowed to develop no doubt about that…My friend in the Philippines has it and it is not nice….so lets be sensible even if the Government isn’t. It is horrendous what is going on and the fines over kill let alone 2 years jail for crossing the border. We have to do much better. Mr PM there will be no come back the way we are going…change the strategy so we don’t need lock down. It can be done by TREATMENT OF POSITIVE CASES.

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Gee is there no end to their madness? Please go to the link and sign this petition…just another insanity.

Will you sign? Please do…we get virtually nothing as it is!

Dear Prime Minister, State Premiers and Energy Ministers,

The Australian Energy Market Commission is currently considering a proposal for charging solar owners to export to the grid – in effect, taxing the sun.

Currently solar households are not charged when they export power but if these new rules are successful, solar households could be slugged every time they pump clean energy into the grid

This is in spite of that fact that research shows solar owners are producing cheap power for their neighbours and reducing bills in the process. We should be encouraging more households to make the solar switch, not penalising those who have made a smart investment in clean technology.

We’re asking you to reject proposals that apply a blanket sun tax and instead:

  • Invest in network infrastructure, like community-scale battery storage, so that more homes can invest in rooftop solar.
  • Help more renters, people living in apartments and low-income households access cheap solar energy.
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Disability workers and clients should wear masks in stage three areas: DCMO By Rachael Dexter

The Australian Deputy Chief Medical Officer has also officially recommended disability workers wear facemasks in areas of Victoria that are under stage three restrictions. The advice now also extends to those living with a disability who receive care. “We would like to highlight the particular risks and challenges facing people with disability from COVID-19,” Professor Kidd said.”There are two reasons why people with disability on the whole are at greater risk from the COVID-19 virus. The first is that people with a disability, and particularly those with intellectual disabilities, have higher rates of chronic disease which is a significant risk factor for COVID-19,” Breaking News – Sydney Morning Herald -July 16 – I have been listening to quite a few professors in the last few days and haven’t heard much that makes sense and indeed this Professor Kidd needs to get out in the real world. Try putting a mask on my 105kg son with an intellectual disability and see how you go. Really we are loosing the plot so fast and turning Australia into a pile of crap. These guys are just so far out of touch. Yes I agree the worker should wear a mask if the client has a severe physical disability and probably has poor immunity. Fair enough proper care is required by the carer. Don’t make life any bloody harder guys….get real!!! and now a TRUMP WALL in Queensland….yes we have definitely lost it